p style="margin-bottom: .07in; line-height: 150%;"spanspan style="font-size: 24pt;"A New Beginning/span/span/p
p style="margin-bottom: .07in; line-height: 150%;"spanThe wind rustled through his fur as the emerald grass danced along with the wind. Einar's piercing eyes glared past the strips of grass and cautiously placed his paw forward on the dried leaves, keeping sure the sound didn't echo across. He prepared to launch, clenching his back muscles waiting for the perfect moment. When it came, he jolted feeling a big gust of wind ripping through his fur flying past him to the fawn. Einar looked across in confusion noticing blood oozing out of the fawn. He scanned across looking for the thief when a white figure caught his attention. Her snout stained red peered over to Einar, twitching her short ears. Eyes as blue as the sky rested on his, red like a drop of blood. He hurriedly rose from his legs and lurked over to this new encounter of his kind, trying to gather up as much energy of what little he had. However, his expectation was never met. She faltered back, whimpering with her head kneeled dropped down./span/p
p style="margin-bottom: .07in; line-height: 150%;"span"Ah! I'm so sorry, I didn't see you there. You can have it, I can find something else.", she apologised nudging the fawn towards him./span/p
p style="margin-bottom: .07in; line-height: 150%;"spanShe swished her tail side to side, waiting nervously for some sort of response. A grunt, a growl, a reply. Something to break the unsettling silence. Einar gazed at her, unsure of what to say. Attack always filled his mind when it came to these situations. His temptation to take the food paced in his brain but for some reason, he couldn't bring himself to do it. Even though he was used to having the first bite, his mind barricaded his actions. He had remembered he is no longer part of the pack, at least not anymore./span/p
p style="margin-bottom: .07in; line-height: 150%;"span"No…", Einar decided, turning around and hobbled on to find another catch./span/p
p style="margin-bottom: .07in; line-height: 150%;"spanHer head jumps up to this unusual reply and only just noticed his left eye. Two claws scratched running down to the end of his snout. She backs away in horror until Einar fell to the ground when a storm of wooziness and famine caused him to lose his balance. Einar stayed down unable to use the strength in his legs to stand up. His senses slowly began to fade as his eyes began to blur and ears started to ring. Despite his best efforts to stay conscious, he sunk into the sea of his own mind./span/p
p style="margin-bottom: .07in; line-height: 150%;"spanAn abrupt feeling awoke Einar from his unconscious state. It was a feeling of fulfilment led by desire seeping into his. He perused to have more, to taste more. His jaws dove into the flesh and ripped through the skin feeling the meat slide down his throat. Finally full, he noticed her tail wrapping him like a blanket, letting her thick fur rest against his. Black and dark. With his mouth dripping with blood, he slurred out./span/p
p style="margin-bottom: .07in; line-height: 150%;"span"Why would you help me? You don't even know me.", he managed to express./span/p
p style="margin-bottom: .07in; line-height: 150%;"spanHer eyes widen to this rare question but smiled back at him in response, shifting her tail towards herself./span/p
p style="margin-bottom: .07in; line-height: 150%;"span"It's not about if I know you or not. It's just about helping another out. My mother used to always tell me that. She was such a kind soul."/span/p
p style="margin-bottom: .07in; line-height: 150%;"span"Was…?", he gently expressed./span/p
p style="margin-bottom: .07in; line-height: 150%;"spanShe looks down, her eyes went blank. Einar quickly stopped himself realising what she meant./span/p
p style="margin-bottom: .07in; line-height: 150%;"span"Ah, I'm sorry…"./span/p
p style="margin-bottom: .07in; line-height: 150%;"span"It's fine… I'm Nora by the way.", She quickly changed the subject. Einar stood up and went to greet her./span/p
p style="margin-bottom: .07in; line-height: 150%;"span"Einar."./span/p
p style="margin-bottom: .07in; line-height: 150%;"spanThey gazed into each other's eyes as wonder and happiness filled their minds. His heart warmed up with the happiness like it once did. Memories of the past leaked into his head as Einar tried to fight it back, moving away from Nora. She walks forward with concern when a booming howl echoed across to them. Heavy breaths accompanied it along with paws slamming to the ground. The pack came to view past the trees of the forests. Anwir steps forward from the pack, stomping up to Einar with his head high. Einar lowers his head greeting him as if they were friends again. He remembers all too well what he had done, his left eye accounted for that./span/p
p style="margin-bottom: .07in; line-height: 150%;"span"Einar, it's refreshing to see you again.", he breathed out, looking down at him./span/p
p style="margin-bottom: .07in; line-height: 150%;"span"Wish I could say the same", Einar grunted out./span/p
p style="margin-bottom: .07in; line-height: 150%;"spanAnwir sighed and trots over to him./span/p
p style="margin-bottom: .07in; line-height: 150%;"span"Aw come on, don't be like that. I'm here to help you, despite what you've done.", he leans in closer to Einar and whispers quietly./span/p
p style="margin-bottom: .07in; line-height: 150%;"span"You can come back, to the pack. They're all yours. I need you Einar, you can be the alpha again.", Anwir smirked./span/p
p style="margin-bottom: .07in; line-height: 150%;"spanNora eyed Einar in confusion fused with dread. He turned around to respond to her when a roar from the pack erupted stopped him in his tracks./span/p
p style="margin-bottom: .07in; line-height: 150%;"span"Oh my god, he's fallen for another wolf?"./span/p
p style="margin-bottom: .07in; line-height: 150%;"span"Is she from the enemy pack too?"./span/p
p style="margin-bottom: .07in; line-height: 150%;"spanNora took a step back, fear filling her heart as Einar moved in front to protect her. Anwir spoke up to this new discovery./span/p
p style="margin-bottom: .07in; line-height: 150%;"span"Alright, alright! Einar, if you wish to be part of this pack again, kill the wolf!"./span/p
p style="margin-bottom: .07in; line-height: 150%;"spanEinar paused and turned to Nora torn in two. Nora looked at him with fear, terrified of what he might do but suddenly, she smiled. Her eyes gleamed with hope and lowered her head exposing her neck. She was prepared to give Einar what he wanted. His eyes shunned with horror as he could never do it. He turned to the pack and decided on an answer./span/p
p style="margin-bottom: .07in; line-height: 150%;"span"No, I am done with playing charades as friends.", he ended, walking away with Nora, rubbing his head on her./span/p