Without archaeological puzzles, most researchers wouldn't have thrived in their careers. They have great interest in unknown objects that sometimes surface as unique, mammoth structures built with great dedication, but without any clear purpose. Many civilizations may have abandoned such structures for no reasons, but sometimes they lead to the discovery of unusual treasures of gold.

Harry Coumnas's initial discoveries didn't draw much excitement. But in the year 2002, during the excavation of an ancient castle in Spain, he found 15 mystery coins. Other researchers in his team thought that the coins were modern and belonged to the soldiers who might have resided on the island chain. Thorough research and investigation by Harry revealed that the coins were foreign and belonged to the period of AD 300-400. He also suggested that these coins had been hidden as a hoax at the castle by the foreigners. He also detected some sort of Roman figures and letters on the surface of the coins.

Harry Coumnas is planning to research further about these copper and bronze coins so as to know how they ended up in the castle.

About Harry Coumnas

Harry Coumnas is an archeologist who discovered copper and bronze mystery coins in a castle built in 13th century in Spain. He won great recognition for this discovery and is now planning to research about them further to find out exactly how they ended up in the castle. In addition to this, he has also made many other renowned discoveries in the field of archeology. He has a deep interest in painting and reading novels.