The clang of steel rang over the courtyard, the two opponents circleing each other. The One, a young woman of muscled form, dual wielding twin blades, snarked to her sparring partner. "Come know, Dearest, I went to that ball, at the very least you could give a proper showing. I know you are better then this."

Her partner, wielding a halberd, teased back, "Oh? Didst thouest refer to the Queen Flower Parade Dance? Where you told the unmarried, virgin, Duchess of Fontelerou that she needed to, and I quote, Find a good man to give her a proper anal dicking' and that she could still firmly claim virginity if she constrained herself to ass and mouth?"

The young man lunged forward, his beloved dancing to the side. Shooting forward she tried to slip inside his guard, but he had already recovered, deflecting the blow. The two pulled away continuing to circle each other.

His beloved, her mask hiding her features shot back, "Well you are always in such a better mood after I indulged you, after all, you never took the strap on out of yourself last night. Besides she was being a pretentious bitch and My dress was incredibly uncomfortable."

"Well with those hips, it's no wonder why your dress didn't sit right, when was the last time you had it let out, Dearest. I really do think you need to lay of the pie for a bit." This was met by a gasp of his Darling

"I Never.." His love began but he cut in, "Actually you did, I lost track after I didn't get any of the first pie. Honestly, between father and you, mother and I never get any desert. It's always gone by the time we get there, Hence your hips, Although I do like the padding it is giving the rest of you. GROOOWWWLL."

Growling herself she charged straight at him, he met her lunge by bracing his halberd, but she pivoted at the last second. Avoiding his weapon entirely, she hooked her weapons onto the haft of his, bracing her foot against his chest, she disarmed him of his weapon and sent him sprawling int the dirt, sending his helmet clattering away. He rolled to his back only to have his Darling Beloved straddle his face, her pussy uncovered as she had evidently fought the entire fight without that particular piece of gear.

The aroma of her sweat and the dampness of her flower, let him know exactly what was wanted.

"Put that tongue of yours to good use Betrothed, I need some release." She said.

"Well, never let it be said that the Crown Prince, ever left his Love unsatisfied." Beginning that which was his greatest privileged, the Prince dove into his treat, he had gotten his desert at last.