The ivory scaled dragon threw her little morsel into her office. The assassin scrambling to his feet, as The Queen once more assumed a human form. The assassin, glared back at her, taking full veiw of her nude form. For a women well into her eighties, the Queen was well muscled, her breasts tight to her chest. Blue woad markings snaked over her shoulders, gathering into a circle on her stomach. She smiled at the little killer, malice giving a glint to her sharpened teeth.

"A Primal," He cursed, "They failed to enform me you were a Primal!"

The Queen paused, there had much venom in his voice, but none directed at her. The man before her raged internally, breathing heavily. His hand clenching hard as his long nails bit into the palms of his hand drawing blood.

Nodding, The Queen confirmed the Assassin's unasked question, "I am the last of the Druids of the Wastes. For the Love of my husband and the good of all, I betrayed them.

"This breaks all oaths and agreements," The man ranted, "They broke their word."

The Queens eyes narrowed, "You're not a Primal, You're not a Gifted, You're not one of the Skilled, and there is no way in Tartarus that you are a Blessed, which only leaves one."

Kneeling before the Queen, the man addressed her, "Yes, your majesty. I am one of the Cursed. One of the last I think. Do as though will, for even though I am betrayed, I will not reveal the names of those that hired me."

"Five there are that will seek magics blessing.

One Gifted With Power

One Skilled Beyond Others

One Blessed By The Gods

One Primal Of Nature

One Cursed To Dwell In Night

The Oath Their Bond They Dare Not Break

Lest All From Them Do Take" The Queen Intoned.

Looking down upon the man, she sighed.

"Rise, the ways of Magic are dying as the old bloodlines whither. You are obviously talented and with the oaths of your employers broken no danger to my family." The Queen commanded.

Rising to his feet, he snarked, "Yes, And Unemployed too. This last job was to be my retirement. A nice house in the country to be forgotten."

"Will you seek vengeance?" The queen inquired, "I admit that the idea of you doing so brings a lightness to my heart."

The Cursed pursed his lips, "No, tis better to run and hope that they think I died. Better for everyone I think."

High Queen Oliva narrowed her eyes, something was not right. The Cursed before her should be frothing at the mouth for vengeance, yet only wanted to leave. The breaking of the oath to ones such as they hurt, the binding snapping back on both parties. He should be snarling in rage... unless... Moving her magic towards her nose, she inhaled the Cursed scent deeply, not caring if he caught on.

"You have a daughter," Olivia confirmed, "the same age as my Granddaughter. This does complicate things."

"Please Your Highness," The Man pleaded, "She is all I have left, don't harm her."

Olivia snorted, grabbing a robe from where it hang she clarified, "I have a better Idea. Make an Oath to me."

The man's eyes narrowed suspiciously, "I will not give up the names of those that hired me. Even if I make an Oath unto you. The Oath being broken on their part only means I will no more attack your family, It does not free me to expose them."

The High Queen laughed, "Oh you poor boy, I already know who they are," smiling she continued, "Wherever there's a plate for my family their shall be a plate for yours, a cup for mine, a cup for yours. You shall be as a younger son onto me and my husband, your daughter another Granddaughter. In turn you and your's shall protect us as we protect you. Once I ask, what shall you say."

The Cursed felt the oath reach out for him, it sounded true but he dared not hope, "The Zealots burned my wife at the stake. They would have taken me and my daughter as well had we not fled. What shall you do when they demand I and her be handed over?"

The Queen snarled, "I am the Last High Arch Druidess of the Druids Of The Wastes, The High Queen of All The Realms, if any come for you or your daughter they come for my family, and you've seen how I deal with threats to my family. I ask thee twice what say thee?"

Falling to his knees, the Cursed bowed his head, "My name is Mallius Vindictus and I am known to many. I am guilty of many crimes and have many victims. Better to kill me and take my daughter as she is still an innocent. I swim in an ocean of blood, in which my daughter has yet to step."

Striding forward, High Queen Olivia raised Mallius' head to look into his eyes, then slapped him hard across the face.

"I will not hear anymore of thine foolishness," Olivia reprimanded, "I betrayed my people, they burned because of me. If you swim in an ocean, I am that ocean. We do as we must to guard those we love. If thy name is offensive I give thee a new one. From henceforth thou shall be known as Ventarius Pax, for you and your daughter shall know peace by joining my household. Thrice I ask and be done, what say thee?"

The newly named Ventarius Pax looked once more into the face of the Queen, 'I see and hear no falsehoods in you. Thrice it is said and done, we have and accord."

The Queen laughed, the sound hale and hearty, "I can't wait to tell the girls," Oliva paused, a look of mischief on her face, "I Have a gifted, two skilled, and a cursed. I wonder if I might find a wayward Primal and Blessed to complete my family. Get the full set as it were."

Slapping Ventarius on the back, she dropped her robe as the scales covered her body once more. Pulling the poor assassin through the window The High Queen roared her joy unto the skies. She would return to her daughters, she had much to share.

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