In 2193, Earth was a prosperous blue planet. Humanity was rich and awash with resources coming in from mining colonies on Mars, Venus, the Asteroid belt, moons of Jupiter and Saturn, Neptune, and Charon. Small off planet colonies were on Mars and Luna. The United Nations governed humanity with an open-mind. A small fleet of patrol ships and miners was all that Humanity or Terrans had. That was soon to be changed as various amounts of alien contact happened.

The Skal, a humanoid species raced into the Solar System in June of that year. Brushing aside the meager defenses they killed all off-Earth humans and invaded Earth to exploit. Soon various other species like the Kallon, Drek, and Smeth were carving various areas of Earth for their areas of exploitation. Due to wanting to preserve Earth orbital bombardment wasn't used and soon vicious urban and guerrilla conflicts raged across the globe as these new races struggled to keep their new possessions under their control.