When the sun does not shine on an overcast day

I think of all the clouds that overhead do lay

And what has made them seem so grand again

But all they can do is turn sunshine to rain

And if the night falls before the storm goes away

I think of the stars that will be missed in my naivete

For what is more beautiful than those pinpricks of light

That must always be shining both in day and in night

But to my surprise, I hear what the others do say

That stars cannot shine in the light of the day

And to them I will say what I know must be said

Without those small points, we'd be better off dead

For if they were lost and in the night no light remained

Eternal darkness would make our liveliness strained

Our sun is a star much closer and brighter than not

That without its good graces, our planet would rot

And on those cold days where the sun does not shine

I pray that the stars produce their pinpricks just fine

And lead us through darkness and sadness undue

To dreams and new places with happiness true