A/N Now for something completely different. Short chapter. Please note this is the second in a series, so there will be references to that story. The first is called 'Rise of Vali', if you want to check it out.

Chapter 1

Cold and deep, that was all she knew. The utter stillness, the lack of being. No thoughts, just emptiness. At times she felt currents move around her, trickle along her being, but she never moved. Mostly, there was nothingness and it was what she wanted.

With remembrance came old wounds and accusations. Emotions were a heavy burden if you carried them for so long—forever perhaps.

Was this what true death felt like, the emptiness and stillness? She hoped so, but she knew she didn't have it—true death. It had claimed most, but it never came for her. Why was the world so cruel?

If she remembered, she would think of all the people she had lost. There was nothing left of the person she had used to be. Time had wiped it all away. Consciousness only brought sorrow, so she preferred to give that consciousness away in the dark and cold.

She had felt the cold in her limbs once, but not anymore. Her body, unmoving and forgotten, didn't feel anything. Neither did her mind, and she preferred it that way.

Maybe one day she would wake to a new world, to be a new person, but not yet. She was not free, and freedom meant everything.

More currents shifted along the water she was immersed in. Something was moving. If it was dangerous, she didn't care. True death would be a relief, but she had given up praying for it. There was no one to answer her prayers.

Over the endless centuries, she had tried every way possible to achieve true death, but could not. No matter what she did, she was restored—a curse unlike any other.

As the currents settled, so did her mind. She floated and her bare consciousness stilled to nothingness. The currents were the only thing to fear down here, because there was no sound, no light, no taste, just the odd current that stroked along her skin—from whatever creature moved out there.

It was new, this creature. For a long time, there was nothing that disturbed the cold waters, but there was now. She felt it moving through the water. It didn't approach, but the waves filtered through to her at times. If only it would die, or better yet, kill her.

It was exhausting thinking about it, so she stopped and stilled her mind, letting it drift into nothingness.