Out across the sand filled landscape are dunes and hills. They await our conquest of them. I can feel your hand grip at my metal surface. Your heartbeat begins to increase as my mechanisms move. Gears turn and pistons pump. Slowly but surely I begin to move across the terrain under us. Each wheel begins to rotate faster and faster as we gain speed. Your eyes widen as we blaze across the ground. Momentum builds with the motion of this machine as it zooms across the dips and turns of the boundaryless track before us.

You can feel the wind fleeting and cutting past you and my sleek form as we go further. It feels as though anything can be accomplished with the two of us. This state of pure euphoria and rush fills you with joy that nothing else in your life has. It's almost like you were born to do this. No, you were born for this. Your entire existence as a whole has lead up to this pivotal day.

Gravity is our worst enemy. It laughs at you as your velocity onward increases by the second. The physical force wants to keep you chained down to the ground, never to ascend onward in order to defy the laws of space. I believe in you though. Together we can prove gravity wrong and soar through the sky. All that we need to do is build more speed before we shoot off into the landless realm above.

Soon enough you and I have almost become one. Synchronized in our motion and movement, your body mans the controls while my inner workings pump and spark. The wheels begin to leave streaking burns across the sand. It's almost time. Are you ready for what comes next? I know you are. I know that you've been waiting for this for a long time and today is finally our chance to do it. We are in this together until the very end, you hear me? You've heard my words and found confidence in them now. The pedal is slammed down as we accelerate in the direction of a steep hill. One… two… three… four seconds pass until there's no longer solid land beneath us. The sheer height of the hill below worked as a catalyst rather than a roadblock.

Gravity scowls at us as the two of us spit in its face. No, there is no longer two beings here. We have truly become one. Your body is tight against mine so closely that it could fuse with it at any moment. I cling to you as our minds melt into a single superior unit. Higher and higher we travel with seemingly no end in sight.

We've done the deed that so many have sought. The blue sky around us looks even better from up here. The land below looks like a mere child's sandbox with little bumps and lumps piled here and there. Soon even the birds will be jealous of our rapid ascent. We've invaded their domain and shamed them, something no one has ever done like this before us.

The cold air up here rushes in and stings at our throat. We ignore it because of more important things busying our body and mind. Adrenaline is flowing through our bloodstream. The sheer feeling of speed pleases us beyond all other worldly things. There is no greater feeling than this. We've started to become intoxicated with all of it. Our boiling blood floods through veins and arteries, a metal and flesh meshed heart kickstarting into a high speed rhythm. We've gone even further beyond now as the single entity that we are pushes into overdrive. We are invincible. We are unstoppable. Soon enough we might even become speed itself.

Something suddenly feels wrong though. For a single second a part of us moves out of tempo. Perhaps a gear has gotten caught on something or become loose. Maybe a chain has gotten caught on itself. We are too recklessly drunk in our miles per hour stupor to notice that something is amiss. Our foolishness is our downfall. Down we fall indeed, plummeting to the world below. Gravity once more snickers in our face as its iron grip chokes us.

Like a bullet we shoot towards the dune under us at speeds faster than we can understand anymore. There is no logic or reason left in this chaotically broken metal load. All that we care about is speed and now that we're taking in even more of it nothing else matters. In sheer mindless abandon we shatter and explode against the gritty grains of cruel sand.

The unity that we once had is now broken. A broken and painful duality of suffering replaces it. My metal is dented and one of my wheels has impaled its own tire. You lay there in agony and curse the clouds above. The sand in front of you goes from tan to red as blood flows out from your nose. You look over at me with the same gaze a lover would give to his partner as the sight of her death. Tears slide down your face and dilute the crimson somber liquid that has already left your body. You are heartbroken at the sight of your once precious bicycle that has been reduced to miserable wreck.