You have been placed into a place that is foreign from anywhere else you've ever resided. It's much too small and cramped to even be thought of as a city. So much of it is vertical. This is strange to you. Why would a vertical encampment like this be made? The thought that you've been put in a prison with so many others frightens you beyond anything else. You try to ask someone near you about where you are. They are silent in response to your question. Like a sheet in the wind their mind might be too blown at the moment to register anything that you say. Trying to talk more to them is pointless.

After trying to get the attention of anyone else you give up. All of them are the same silent way. Even worse than the tightness and silence of the location it the stench. The odor of decay and putrid unknown odors that you don't even want to guess about violate your senses. The attack on your poor nose is utterly horrifying. You silently pray to whatever god or demon that has forsaken you here to help you. That or to end your misery in the very least. Your prayers are in vain. There comes no answer to the desperate pleas of your mind. More fear clouds your thoughts as you wonder how long it will take before you end up rotting and radiate clouds of defecate scented damnation.

Suddenly, everything moves all at once. It's a disorienting and chaotic mess as all of you are forced into the cramped vessel. The white ship of sorts is all one big chamber on the inside. You still wonder about your circumstances, but now cannot help but be curious as to where you are headed to. You have no time to think as the ship begins to set sail. Already from the start you can tell that a smooth ride is no more possible than to make a blind man see. If feeling sick already wasn't bad enough, things become worse as you lurch and hold your stomach. The motion sickness that afflicts you makes the clustered and perhaps festering colony of people around you seem like nothing.

As you pray to whatever deity that does or does not exist within this world, the ship tosses and nearly tips over from the hard slamming of the waves around it. How much time has passed already is unknown, but it is clear that you're in rough waters. Soon enough after the floor starts to feel damp. Your mind is a mess of alarm bells and red alerts as you try to scream, but find that you cannot no matter how hard you try. Do you even have a mouth? Water quickly fills up the ship as you realize you cannot even feel a stomach where your hands- no, where your lack of hands were holding it. Every minute that passes seems to reveal more and more things being wrong about this place.

None of that matters as the ship is stripped away from around you and the crashing waves consume everything that was once inside it. The worst part about you drowning is that you don't feel any water flooding into you. You have come to figure out that there aren't even a pair of lungs to sting and burn as you try to draw in oxygen. Air isn't a concern if you don't even breathe, right?

After an unknown amount of time, you feel the world start to slow down. The ocean has begun to leak and spill out, but to where? Your barely conscious mind can hear a distantly disgruntled declaration.

"The washer's broken for the fifth time this week, dammit!"