I'm tired of it all.

Being pushed away.

Being ignored.

And left hanging.

Always being screwed over by you.

I've tried making things right with you.

But you don't put in the effort to at least.

Speak with me even if it's only a little bit.

Two weeks of this.

Now I'm tired of waiting.

At this point,I give up.

On trying to get back with you.

I looked to someone new.

Who was looking to me.

For a long time.

Maybe he'd be good.

So I start a new relationship.

I needed stability which I knew.

You wouldn't be able to give it to me.

Even though,he makes me happy.

I can't open up to him.

Like I did with you.

But at least,he doesn't ignore me.

Nor does he make me cry.

The way you did.

He may treat me like a queen.

But I still feel the pain.

From what you've done.

It wasn't easy letting you go.

But I had no choice.

You never wanted me back.

But I found someone who.

Appreciates me.

Even if things with him are great.

I still can't shove away your cruelty.

You had ignored me.

Pushed me away.

Lied to me.

Perhaps it was too soon.

To find another man.

I still feel empty.





Although I have a much better boyfriend.

I feel deep down he deserves better.

Another girl better than me.

Hopefully,a nice girl.

That can give him what I can't:love.

I am used to seeing a lover choose.

Someone else over me.

It's nothing new anymore.

All I am is an empty shell.

Of what I used to be.

Before you or him.

Or any other guy had entered my useless life.

I'm hesitant in my current relationship.

I can't say anything without backing out.

Of what I was thinking of saying.

To him.

Although I am loved.

I can't show it.

I shut down.

Like I had done before.

I know deep down.

This relationship.

Will never last.

At least not forever.

As much as I desire love.

And comfort.

I want nothing more.

Than to be alone.

That way nobody can hurt me.

And I can't hurt anybody.

I'm sick of everything.

This is farewell to you.

I know that I can trust he'll always give me love.

And I know mine will grow for him.

The natural way similar to a rose.

But only time will tell.

Author note:It's been awhile since I've written a poem. This poem is inspired by moving on from my previous ex to another guy along with a song called "Call Him Mine" by Tata Young as the song had come into mind while I wrote this. More will be uploaded soon.