I'm going fishing

Tell me

Tell me

Why you cast the line

Why you reeled him in

When he took a bite

Were you surprised when he took a bite?

Then why did you toss him out?

Why did you throw him back to the waves?

Like you never cared

Like you didn't care

Oh and catch and release

Is all they ever teach

'Cause no one's allowed fidelity anymore

Oh catch and release

The one you loved

You don't have to keep

Just throw out another line

Did you find it clever to flounder with her heart?

Did you think it funny when you cut her gills?

When you left her

Gaping for air in your arms

Did you think twice before you pulled her in that night?

Or consider how things would be?


Oh and catch and release

Catch and release

Is all they ever teach

There's no need for someone to hold you down

If you want another one

All you do is bait the hook

You treat her bad

So she'll swim away

She cuts your line

So you've gotta pay

For a new fishing pole

A new fishing pole

Why don't you love

The one you called a keeper

Why don't you stay

With the one you told you'd never leave her

lyrics belong to SaltwaterExtended.