After a couple of hours of getting her accommodated into her "room", we fell asleep, as the trip took place late and the day was already long. She looked as comfortable as she could in her bed, even if she was still concerned. I went to my bed and slept, thinking for a little while about Nora's situation.

I opened my eyes to crashing noises. Still dazed by the sudden awakening, I began blindly walking downstairs. That was when I saw her. Standing in front of a door smashed to pieces, a young woman wearing a yellow shirt and black pants. Although I could not see her face, I knew by the way she stood that it was Nora. But not just Nora - Nora Modd.

"Get out of my way, George!" She yelled. She began walking towards me threateningly.

"Y-Y-You! Stop!" I cried out. But she kept walking in my direction.

"Try and stop me." She smiled. With a swift kick, she knocked me to the side. I laid in pain, having just been knocked away with a metallic leg. She ran upstairs, as if she knew where Nora was hiding. I began crawling upstairs, trying to stop her from doing anything. But by the time I got there, she had smashed the attic door open, crawling up into it.

"There can only be one Nora." She laughed, disappearing into the attic. And all I could hear after that was the sound of one Nora screaming and another Nora laughing.

I woke up, panicking about what just happened. I ran to the attic, making sure she was alright. But she was not there! A feeling came into my stomach, scared about where she was. Even though I may have been acting irrational, Nora's death would be the end of me. It was not until that I was downstairs when I calmed down. Nora was in the kitchen, cooking some eggs and sausages. She made sure all of the blinds were shut so that nobody would see her. I ran behind her and hugged her, trying hard not to cry.

"Whoa, good morning, George!" She shouted, laughing a little bit. "You scared me! You better not have wanted to clean egg off your tile, because I nearly dropped the pan!"

"I don't care," I answered. "I'm so glad you're still safe. I will do what I can to protect you."

Once I stopped hugging her, she set the eggs on our plates, turned around, and grinned. "Thank you George. Even if other people don't understand me, you do. Now, let's eat breakfast."