Hell of a time

(There is honestly a personal reason to writing this as well as just for fun, I will put in the reason at the end of the chapter in case you don't want to read it so you can just read the chapter and skip the reason.)

The flames burnt high and the black clouds lingered, an irritable sigh escaped the Devil's. Claws digging into the throne chair with each tap of his finger. His snake like yellow eyes stared at his little servant, his stare piercing through his sole… whatever he has.

"what troubles you this time sir?" The young servant asked.

"You ask this every day, and I reply each time. I'm sick of this place."

"But why? You have control over everything?" The Devil groaned in annoyance at him.

"You do not understand young Abaddon, being ruler of Hell isn't all fun and games. Especially when everyone hates you." The Devil raised his voice, making the demon Abaddon flinch slightly.

"I punish those who did evil, yet I'm the bad one." He groaned. Abaddon awkwardly looks around the room, how did he get stuck listening to his rambles every time?

"Well what are we supposed to do about it?" The Devil sighed as response.

"One day I'll get out, I'd give anything for just a day. Even my life…"

"But you're already dead…ish." Devil gave him a hard stare.

"I'll just go." And with that Abaddon left. The Devil watched as he left and groaned.

"There has to be a way, but no one will talk to me with how I look." The Devil stood up and walked out, looking at the land of Hell. Devil groaned annoyed as he watched a particular demon flying around and destroying the homes of other demons.

"Mephistopheles! Stop destroying everything! Again!" The demon stuck his rear up at him.

"No! I'll do what I want!" He yelled as he continued his rampage. The Devil clawed his face, he was sick of this place. He wanted peace, he wanted company that enjoyed having him around. Just for once. Then an idea struck him, his head lifted.

'I'm the devil!' he thought, 'I can change into the form of a mortal human!' The devil stood up and sprouted his large blood red wings and flew up, crashing through the roof as he flew higher until he was inches from the barrier of hell to earth until...


The devil faceplanted the floor and groaned, 'I've had better landings' he though and slowly sat up and brushed dirt off his face. His skin felt soft, Devil looked and saw white skin instead of red, his wings were gone and instead was clothes.

"Why do humans wear such weight?" He asked himself, he stood up and went to remove them but then realised why humans stayed covered.

"oh… oh..." he put the pants back on and looked to his left, he saw a nearby river and looked into it to see his reflection, he had brown short hair with bright yellow eyes, luckily with a human shape instead of a snake. His facial features sharp and looked around 17.

"A teenager, out of all the forms I took that of a teenager." Devil straightened his posture and looked around, he was in some forest. He walked through it, he then saw a figure further on. Devil approached it and saw a boy sitting on the grass.

"What are you doing?" The boy jumped with a surprised yelp, he turned around the face Devil's human form. The boy was the same height as him, his hair longer and black. His skin tan and deep blue eyes.

"W-who are you? H-h-how long were you w-watching me?" he stuttered. Devil have him a look.

"I'm… Lucifer. And I just got here. What's with your speech?" The boy went a deep shade of red.

"I-I-I can't h-help it. M-my name is John." John looked away, Devil assumed he was around 16.

"Why are you out here alone?" He asked, John held the object close to his chest.

"I c-c-come out h-here often t-to draw." He replied.

"What's drawing?" John opened the object and showed a paper with the image of a bird.

"How did you make that?" Devil watched as John quietly showed him how he draws. The two sat down as John let Devil try.

"How's this?" Devil asked, John let out a small giggle.

"T-t-trees grow from the g-g-ground, not the clouds." Devil felt his cheeks heat up in embarrassment. John took his book back and showed Devil the right way.

"I-I-I've n-n-never had a friend." John whispered.

"I used to have friends. But not anymore." John gave him a sad look.

"W-w-what happened?" John asked. Devil sighed, 'I can't tell him, I'll lose my only chance of a friend.'

"I don't want to talk about it." He lied, John nodded in understanding. The two sat in silence as the wind blew, the grass brushing against them where they sat. John looked at the sun then gasped.

"I-I-I need to g-g-g-get home!" John stood up, Devil also stood on his feet.

"I uh… don't have a home." John gave him a look.

"Why?" Devil's mind was racing 'need a lie! Need a lie!'

"I um, ran away." John's expression seems to indicate the lie worked.

"I g-g-guess you c-c-could come w-with me." Devil smiled wide.

"Thank you!" John flinched at his sudden loud voice, Devil went red and apologized. John didn't mind, he was just jumpy. Devil followed John as they walked through the woods, John was quiet as he led Devil to the direction of his house. Devil was smiling, he was so happy he could finally have a friendship. He hoped this moment would never end.

(yeah I know it's short but ya'know. So I'm not Christian, but I've grown up with a VERY Christian environment, family and school etc. so I disagree with a lot of things from this religion, nothing against Christians who are actually kind it's just I had a bad experience with them. So I'm not against Christian people, I'm against Christianity. I don't think the Devil would be THAT bad of a guy, he was punished for wanting more equality. Like us. A lot of things that are not wrong but are said to be wrong according to Christianity, gays and masturbation for example. Women not allowed in church because they're bleeding, they can't help it. Lots of things being scientifically proven wrong. Just… idk I it makes sense but. Yeah.)