Love With A Broken Soul


Pain. For so long that was what I felt. What I thought, and now it is all I know. In that length of time, that was the only thing clear to me. Other than that, to survive. Even now I can still feel it. The biting touch of the knife, the piercing sensation of the needle, the lashes of the whip. Torture. How long it lasted, I don't know, I honestly had lost count. They say it was five years. It felt longer. So yeah, that's my story.

Chapter 1 - Days Of Uselessness

"Really Simon? How did you get that?".

I walk down the school hallways with my friends Simon, Julia, and Joey. We just got done with mathematics so we were all exhausted and couldn't wait for the day to end. The hallways are squishy, so much so that Julia is practically stepping on my feet and elbowing me in the face. I don't really care though, she's one of my closest friends.

"Shut up Tris, you can't say shit. You're at the top of the class", Simon complains to me.

"Well if your grades continue like this, you're gonna move down", I laugh back.

It's always hilarious how they get so frustrated when I'm at the top. They've even asked me to just fail a couple tests to make them feel better. Even so, I'm so full of shit. I really didn't want to be stuck in the top class all by myself. Simon is lucky enough to get 29th in the entire year while I got 4th. Only the top 30 get to be in the highest class. So like I said, he's really lucky.

"Yeah, well I'm trying my best ok!", Simon grunts.

I smirk, turning around to hide my slight giggle. Simon is always a barrel of laughs, you could never be sad when you're around him. Maybe it's got to do with him being so freakishly tall. He always makes jokes about it, says that sometimes he can't see us because we're too short. Meh, the fact that tallest people are the one to die first makes me dismiss my short stature.

"Well anyway, are you guys ready for the English Essay?", Julia says, changing the subject.

"Ugh don't remind me. Our English teacher is such a bitch!", Joey groans.

"Well that's because you're such a dick to her", I reply, rolling my eyes.

"Wow, rude", says Joey.

"Truth hurts", I smirk as we enter science class.

Just as Joey tries to say something back, a stampede of students rushes into the classroom, pushing and shoving everyone and everything.

Sitting down and already there's chaos and our teacher has zero control.

"Alright everybody- Hey Jake! Sit down! Chris, put the phone away otherwise I take it. Ok, we're going to do an experiment today", the teacher yells.

A little excitement sparks in my head. We haven't done an experiment in so long and missing out on theory is always the best. I straight away pack up and head into the laboratory. Julia and, my other friend Sarah, follow me in. Sarah would also be one of the closest friends that I have. Well, including Lara of course but she's been sick for a while.

Just as we are about to enter the laboratory, The teacher yells,

"Hey Trista, I have arranged groups. You will be with Julia and Simon".

I look at Sarah and both make a sorrowful expression.

Simon gets up and follows me and Julia inside, where we sit at a table next to a pillar.

"I'll go get the equipment", Simon says while getting up and walking to the front desk. As we wait, I start to talk to Julia about the most important thing in the world, food, when I am interrupted by Jake. Jake the dick with Chris and Toby, the assholes. Great.

"Hey Trista, can you move, we usually sit here", say Jake whines to me.

"Yeah, usually. Not today", I say.

"Common Trista, don't be such a bitch. Just move", Toby groans.

"Yeah, Trista. Don't be such a bitch", Chris repeats.

At this point, I am burning up with anger ready to punch all three of them but Julia gestures to just move. I sigh and say.

"Well alright. It's getting too crowded anyway".

I start to walk away still burning with rage but with slight relief. Julia sprints to me and giggles while I smirk at her. Simon starts to walk here with the equipment.

"What was that all about?", Simon asks.

"Couple of dicks", I say sorting out the equipment. This experiment is not as exciting as the previous ones but it's better than taking notes from the board and doing worksheets.

Finally, the day has ended and now heading to the bus stop. I sit down on the bench while listening to music when I get a ding.


I glance at my phone. It's an unknown number.

'Who is this?' I text.

It took a while but the person texts back,


I'm so confused and I figure someone is just pranking me. Then I got another ding.

'Turn around'

I turn to see a figure standing at the end of an alleyway. I could tell he's wearing a long dark coat with crazy white hair. I get another text from the person.


I am legitimately freaked out so I start to walk home instead of waiting for the bus. As I pass the ally way I see...


The person was gone. All that is left is an empty alleyway.

Then I couldn't breathe. Something is wrapped around my mouth. I can feel myself being dragged into the alleyway and into a van. The last thing I see before I pass out is his smile. His crooked smile.