Chapter 2 - Change

'Here on TBC news, we find that Trista White who was missing for 5 years is alive. However, as for her parents and the older sibling who went missing 2 years after Trista's disappearance has now officially been confirmed as deceased".

"Did you hear? That girl was experimented on by THE Dr. Rougmen".

"It's said that 7 years ago, he was kicked out of the agency due to excessive violent behavior and experiments on human beings."

"Sweetie! Don't go near her. She's might be dangerous!"

"Due to the unknown experiments and effects that she has endured, we need to send her to the school. Especially the fact of what Dr Rougmen specialized in"

Small rain droplets pour on the window screen, slowly moving to the left as we drive up north. I don't exactly know what's up there but it's where I'll be staying until I reach maturity. I don't care, I just can't wait to leave this place. Leave these people.

I put my earphones in when I hear my driver say,

"Are you excited-"

"Please drive in silence", I reply to him, putting in my other earplug in.

As I look out the window, I start to get curious about where I'm going to be staying.

"A school?!"

I stand in the principal's office with my arms crossed, completely furious.

"Are you serious?! This is a bad idea Margord", I yell.

Margord is a very lay back kind of guy. He's the only person who is the closest to me and was also in charge of my cell room back at the agency once he finished with his classes and helped me adjust.

Margord sits back on the couch and sighs.

"I was shocked when I found out too, but the agency specifically wanted you here", he replies.

"Here? In the principal's office?", I ask.

"Well yeah, you do need your student card, books, and everything", he says pointing to the principal's desk.

It's clear that he can see my expression of concern so he walks over, leaning on the edge of the principal's table and says,

"Look I asked the agency for me to change to your homeroom teacher. This way I can check on you and keep you out of trouble. That's the only thing I can do for now".

I suppose I have no choice. I look at the desk where my books are.

"Being that you a teacher, I don't think you should be sitting on the 'principals' table", I say, and just as I say that, a person who I assume is the principal enters the room.

I hear Margord falling off the table while I greet her.

"Hello Trista White, or should I say, Lilith Lupus, I will be your principal. Principal Omary", she says as she sits at her desk.

I immediately gape and stare at her. Lara Omary. She is quite famous back at the agency. She was the first female to be the leader of the defense team. That kind of title is hard to achieve. However, I didn't imagine her to be quite tall and beautiful.

"Lilith Lupus?", I question.

"Ah well you see, using the name Trista will draw unnecessary attention and our school will draw unwanted guests. So we decided to change it",

The principal says, sitting in her chair and locking her fingers.

"I see, so this was the idea of the agency?" I ask.

She smirks widely and closes her eyes.

"Indeed", she replies.

That is obviously not the case. The agency is hiding something and just doesn't want the press finding out or getting a little too curious. Therefore changing my name will put an end to that.

She looks towards me and calmly says,

"Nevertheless, I believe class will be starting soon so it's best you get going. Oh, and don't forget your things. Mr Singcore, will you escort her?".

"Of course Principal Omary", Margord says, bowing his goodbye.

He opens the door and leaves the room while I follow behind.

We walk down the hallway, passing rooms filled with students inside. Each room has a sign next to the door, allocating it. I look toward the windows on the left side of the hallway and see myself wearing this stupid uniform. A black checkered skirt and a white polo shirt with a blazer mostly consisting black. I look like a delinquent who got into a fight. We finally enter a room called "C32" and I look across the room. The room goes far back with a wall separating the hallway and the classroom. The students sit in a two-person desk, and 3 desks per row and each row goes up like stairs.

"Ok class, today we have a new student. She will be joining our class. Would you like to introduce yourself?", Mardord- I mean Mr. Singcore says to the class.

I sigh and step forward towards the class.

"My name is T... Lilith Lupus. I will be joining this class from here on out", I say, and nothing more.

Just from saying that, I can hear the whispers.

A new student on the second last year of school?

What was the school thinking?

She's kinda hot

Dude! look at her scar

Yeah, I heard it all.

"Quiet!", Mr. Singcore yells and just like that, silence. From that, I can tell these students really respects Margord.

He turns back to me and proceeds to instruct me.

"Lilith, perhaps you would like to sit next to Ever on the top".

I look at the top and see a guy turn head turn to the side, covering his face. I guess he must be Ever, so before Mr. Singcore describes where he is, I'm already sitting down next to him.

Already I can feel the stares, the quiet whispers, the squeaks of chairs from students turning to look at me. I actually couldn't care less.

"Alright class, welcome back, to year 11! Let's begin".

I turn to Ever to get some idea of what he looks like. He has auburn hair with dark, cold blue eyes. He strangely looks familiar, like I've seen him somewhere or someone similar but I can't remember who or when.

I realize I have been staring too long because he soon later turns to me but I quickly turned away before he noticed.

"Oh before I forget to tell you. About the new dorms, the principal asks me to tell you that the person you are sitting next to will be your roommate", Mr. Singcore announces.

My heart instantly sinks.

"Ohhhhh what?!"

"That's so unfair!"

"Can we change roommates?"

The class roars with complaints while Mr. Singcore steps back a little and tries to calm the class down. This isn't good. I can't share a room with a male! I look towards Ever and he turns to me. We both stare at each other for half a second until he says,

"So I guess we're roommates".

"Yeah. Names Lilith but you already know that", I respond. He smirks and responds,

"Ever Underwood, just call me Ever. Nice to meet you".

"Likewise", I reply.

I turn back to face the front and try to empty my mind. It'll be hard to share dorms with a male. I've got things that need to be kept secret and secrets that need to be kept hidden. But I'll get through it. I have to try. Just this and next year, then I'm free. At least, that's what they told me.