"Trevor! Stop," I yelled as hard as I could, my throat feels like it's about to close up. The son of a bitch has ran up some stairs, "you go left and try to flank him," my partner Ed yelled, no Trevor is mine. I ignored Ed and ran up the stairs, gun clenched hard in my hands, the bastard isn't giving me the slip this time. Ed ran to the left. I could hear Trevor feet clanging on the steps and mine behind him. I could smell the metal and rust from the stairs and the dry mould from whatever this abandoned warehouse was. We were nearly at the top of the staircase. I've got you now. We reached the top of the stairs and Trevor ran through the roof door, why is it always the roof. Ed came running behind me, "how did you get here so quick?" I panted, Ed pointed to the lift, "it's still operating," fuck my life. We both burst through the door and Trevor was stood by the roof ledge. If this fucker falls then me and Ed are in deep trouble.

"Don't do it Trevor. Come on this is silly." I've been chasing this guy for a year now. All the things that I have seen him do, the pictures of the dead children on the whiteboard, the upset parents, stuff that's going to haunt me for the rest of my life. No this guy is going nowhere and he isn't going to die on me. I still had my gun in my hands, I raised it and aimed for his leg.

"I won't let you take me in, I'll die in prison." Was this guy for real? "You killed and raped little children, they're hardly going to roll the red carpet out for you." Ed touched my shoulder, "Ren we need this guy alive." I looked at Trevor wearing his string vest, for the first time I looked in his eyes. I always try to see beyond the killer, but I just couldn't with this one. His profile fitted what I expected, broken home, abused, mental health and let down by the system. Ed started walking towards Trevor slowly, "look Trevor, we can help you, we can keep you away from the other prisoners." I looked at Ed, what was he thinking. "You can?" Trevor sounded less scared, I could tell the cog wheels were turning in his head. Ed started walking a little bit more towards Trevor. I could hear sirens in the background, I bet the captain is in one of those cars. "Yes Trevor, come on this is a stupid way to end it," Ed took some more little steps, he was near Trevor and Ed held out his hand. I held my gun tighter more than anything. My teeth grinding from clenching them too hard, palms are sweating from holding my gun too tight. Ed better have a good plan behind this, he was stood there with his hand held out and Trevor is not moving an inch. "Come on Trevor think about it, you've come this far it'll be stupid to throw it all away, all the work you've done, all the planning, plotting, it'll all got to waste." Trevor started to nod frantically and started to cry, "I never meant to hurt them, I just got a little carried away, I need help," he then let out a cry and snot started to come out of his nose. This man, that parents in this city feared, that did all these unspeakable crimes, is just a shell of a man, maybe he was better off dead.

"We can get you the help you need." Ed said in his understanding voice that I knew was a lie. This man was beyond help he'll get chucked in a mental hospital and be doped up to his eyeballs for the rest of his life.

"No you won't!" Trevor shouted through his teeth, spitting saliva that landed on his beard. "You're are going to dope me up for the rest of my life. I'll be a zombie for the rest of my life." Trevor started to back away from Ed and he is near the ledge again. I could tell that Trevor was getting frustrated and angry, Ed playing the nice guy wasn't getting anywhere.

Then, suddenly, out of nowhere, Trevor reached in his pocket. Without even thinking I shot at Trevor leg. It happened so fast, my ears were ringing from the shot, I could smell the gunpowder. Trevor staggered back and fell off the ledge, I heard a loud bang, I felt my ears ringing. I was shaking, what had I done? No, I did the right thing he reached in his pocket and anything could've been there. Ed walked to the ledge and looked down, "o my god," Ed looked at me, "what the hell were you thinking Ren?"

"He reached in his pocket, there could've been anything in there." I struggled to get my breath I was in a state of shock, my legs gave way underneath me and before I knew it I was sat crossed leg on the floor staring at that ledge. Ed ran over and sat next to me and out his arm around me, like a brother comforting his sister, "It's okay Ren, you did the right thing." Did I though? A load of cops came rushing through the door, me and Ed got up. Maybe I should see what's over the ledge? I slowly walked over to it. I got to the ledge, took a deep breath and looked over. Trevor was sprawled out on top of a cop car, the impact broke the roof, there was a puddle of blood under his head and blood was coming out of his nose. I knew that this was going to haunt me for the rest of my life. I turned my head away and looked back towards Ed who was standing with the captain. The captain was looking at me like a disappointed parent. I knew right then that I was in a whole load of shit