When I Think Of Stephanie!

It was eighteen years ago that I first met young Stephanie, What a doll, She had nice long brown hair, and cute eyes, and wonderful legs! She only stayed for at least three months but sometimes I now wish was she should have stayed for munch longer. I still wonder til this day what happen to her? I never knew her whole name by heart? And never knew where she and her family was from? But what can you do.

She had a nice smile, And a good personality. I remember the time when we watched the movie...Wild Wild West! with Will Smith. It wasn't a great movie
but I always remember when she told me to cover my eyes whenever I saw the scene where they showed the character Rita's butt while she was talking to Jim and Gordon. I also remember one time that the foster lady Ms. Carol Thompson drove us to see a live Tiger! And me & her went inside the cage and got to pet It! And had our picture taken with It. Sadly, I lost the picture with me petting the Tiger. And the time she made me rode The Crazy Mouse at Grand Prix in Myrtle Beach in South Carolina. And also had a picture taken while riding the ride. I tried to keep it but Stephanie wanted it so badly that Ms. Carol's mother made me give to Stephanie. I think it was when she had the chance to visit her family while she was ether spending the night or leaving us?

And I also remember one time that me, her, Alex and Denzel were watching Goosebumps the television series. And it was the episode "Camp Nightmare" And they were mad because it was a To Be Continued part. I always lath at that when I think of it Now.

And that time we were at that nice Holiday Inn! at Myrtle Beach of course there was a beautiful room and the boys and the girls had be separated, she slept with Ms. Carol and her mother while I slept with Wes, J.R. Alex, Denzel. I did got to go inside of the Jacuzzi room at the Inn. and too a nice dip.

I enjoyed the days when I went swimming with her at a pool at an apartment complex, And yes I did swam with other people too.

But I do hope I will find her and see her some day or at least know what happen to her?

The End.