This story is based on this prompt from writing-prompt-s on tumblr:

You sold your soul to the Devil some years ago. Today he gives it back and says, "I need a favor."

Warning contains drug and alcohol abuse and suicide references.

Brian James Barker had always felt like the world around him was out to get him. He was born to a single mother who gave him up without a name. He was named by his mother's parents who also could not keep him. So into the foster system he went.

When he grew out of the system he finished high school, but he hadn't yet gone to college when his life began to take a turn for the worse. He fell into a world of drugs and alcohol, and when he was twenty-four he was at his lowest. He felt like the world didn't need or even want him, and it is in these moments, the lowest of his life, that his story truly begins.

As he sat in an old abandoned apartment building the thoughts of what was coming swam in Brian's head in the same way his drunken vision did. He could almost barely make out the needle he held in his hand. An insulin needle filled to capacity with what they called 'The Good Stuff' on the street, he never bothered to ask. He had danced this dance before, but had never managed to bring himself to take the whole dose. Even in his previous moments of weakness he would usually pass out or squirt half of it out on purpose, just to scream at himself later for wasting it. He looked at the needle trying to focus his eyes, and he screamed, a wordless wail of disgust and regret. He knew he couldn't do it. He never could.

Brian threw the needle across the room where it smashed onto the section of wall he had previously relieved his bladder on.

"DAMN IT!" He screamed as his head spun from the sudden movement. He brought his knees to his chest, and began to sob quietly. He was always told if he was going to cry he should do it quietly.

"Pathetic" Came a voice that if Brian was less sober he would of thought came from his own mouth due to the similarity to his voice.

Brian looked up, and thought he was looking at a mirror. The man in front of him looked just like him down to his dirty clothes, rolled up right sleeve and messy knotted hair. The only difference between Brian, and this other Brian was that the other Brian had radiant yellow gemstones in place of eyes. They were multifaceted to the point that they almost looked completely round, but caught the light at dozens of angles.

"Who are you?" Brian asked after an awkward twenty seconds of looking at the Brian with Gems for Eyes.

"I thought you'd never ask, just stare." Replied the Brian with Gems for Eyes. "I have been given many names by your kind. You know me best by names such as Lucifer Morningstar, Satan the Accuser, Devil comma The. You even insisted on saying Beelzebub for a few months in your youth."

"I'm drunk off my ass aren't I."

"Yes, but I assure you that that is not why you can see me right now. You can see me, because I will it."

"I'm losing my mind."

"Again I am actually real, and I do not like interruptions." The Devil took a brief pause at this point before continuing. "You must be wondering why I have graced you with my-"

"I've finally cracked haven't-" Brian interrupted, but was himself interrupted by The Devil instantly seeming to grown until he was crouched slightly under the ceiling. His yellow gemstone eyes seemed to now be clear with a raging fire inside, and his face was scrunched up in anger as he screamed louder than Brian though a person could scream.

"SILENCE! I WILL NOT BE INTERRUPTED AGAIN!" Brian could feel the color drain from his face as instantly The Devil returned to his previous state again appearing emotionless. "Now that you are listening I shall continue. Don't worry others of your kind can not currently see or hear me, so no one should call the police to complain about noise. If anyone in this part of town had a phone to use that is." The Devil looked with contempt out of a nearby broken window at a three person bum fight. "And they call me the savage." He turned to look at Brian again. "Listen here human. I am here to offer you a deal."

"A deal?" Interrupted Brian.

The Devil sighed loudly, and responded, "Yes a have lived your whole life stepped on and abused. I have seen it, and I can see it in your eyes. In the 'I can look at your face and read your mind' way not the stupid romance novel way." He paused again as he looked at the bum fight again. "You will die in this situation if you do nothing about it. So I have come here to give you a choice. You can live like this, addicted to drugs and alcohol until it kills you, or I can make it all go away."


"I will make it so that you overcome these addictions. You'll never feel the need to touch another drink, or take another pill, or shoot up again, and even if you do partake you will always be able to overcome the draw to return to this life. In exchange when the day comes that you pass from this realm to the next your soul will be mine. You will come to what you would call The Inferno, Hell, all of those names you people give to things you do not fully understand, and there you will stay for all of eternity." The Devil paused, and looked back at Brian.

"Why are you giving me this choice?" Brian finally asked.

"Contrary to your more popular myths, when a human goes to Hell they do not typically stay forever. They will be punished until they have learned their lesson and repented. Only those who purposefully give their souls to me or are truly, unreachably evil stay forever,-" The Devil smiled, and for a few seconds Brian felt the same fear as when he was shouting "-and I'm running out of toys to break." He finished, and began to laugh.

"I've gone off the deep end."

"Not quite yet." Replied The Devil after regaining his composure. "Now my offer does not extend forever. You must decide now. I am very busy in this time of year as December begins to end."

Brian looked around him, he looked at the spot where the broken needle lay, he looked at the veins in his arm, and he looked at The Devil, and truly saw himself for the first time in a long time. He saw a man who was on the way out. The small scars on his inner right elbow where he would stick himself with a needle. The cuts and bruises he put on himself through both accident and purpose. He couldn't believe this was real, but if it was, if he had a chance to escape the hell he had made for himself, even with the ultimate sacrifice to escape it. He knew what his answer had to be.

"Okay. I agree."

"Sobriety for your soul." Replied The Devil, again with a smile on his face. His gemstone eyes twinkling.

"Sobriety for my soul." Brian said. The Devil raised his left hand, and snapped with his middle finger and thumb. After that Brian's head began to swim again as he slumped over, and slipped out of consciousness.

That's part one done. Stay tuned for part two as we get a look further into our sweet Brian's future.