What are these floating orbs?

They are transparent and round in appearance.

They like us come in many shapes in sizes.

They are unique the way snowflakes are.

These spheres are clear and beautiful.

Just seeing them sends a human being into bliss and awe.

These translucent objects can even stick together should they come close to one another.

I cup my hands to the floating ball of liquid.

However,it vanishes upon coming into contact with my skin.

Into small droplets of soapy water.

A frown had formed on my youthful face.

Wishing the glassy ball of air had stayed longer.

More of these pellucid floating balls had flown by.

I follow the limpid rounded figures.

So many of them big and small.

They all surround me.

All of my sadness had disappeared.

Turning into a profound joy.

As a rainbow had shone.

Displaying a plethora of colors.

On each of the thin spheres of liquid.

Their beauty had shone.

Similar to a crystal.

But only clearer.

I didn't want this day to ever end.

I wanted to gaze upon these vitreous beauties.

Out here in the glorious daylight.

Until the yellow sun had went down.

Thus the start of nightfall.

I have high hopes to see these sheer, sparkly, spheres once more.

With their presence to keep me content.

Even if their visit is only temporary but it's worth it all.