(It's 2005, Patrick and Sammy are at an oil rig, inside the working house)

Patrick: All in a good day's work, am I right?

Sammy: Yes, yes you are

Patrick (eyes squinting): Is that Mr. London? Sammy, will you let him in for me?

Sammy: Sure. (leaves)

Mr. London: Hello boys, you're working on oil has been heard all across the town. I'm guessing today was a good day for oil?

Patrick: Yes sir!

Mr. London: Can we sell these barrels here?

Patrick: Of course, there ready!

Mr. London: Okay. I'll be by in a couple of hours. (leaves)

Sammy: Patrick, I'm confused. Why do people like oil so much?

Patrick: Well, Sammy, the economy of Texas began with agriculture when the first settlers came in, but that soon changed after the civil war and the oil boom at SpindleTop Hill. In 1901, there was the first ever gusher for oil there and couldn't be controlled after days.

Sammy: What was the effect of the oil, and how much did it cost?

Patrick: Well, this led to people everywhere buying oil and coming to Texas. Oil today is very expensive, $65.03 per barrel!

Sammy: Wow so expensive!

Patrick: Many people left their old lives to go and pursue a career in oil and money. Because of how expensive oil was, people wanted to just get rich from digging oil and then selling it on the market.

Sammy: But how did it affect Texas to here, modern day?

Patrick: Well how it change Texas to now is the electricity that the oil is making which is leading to new technology and way more. Also, from that oil struck America is making tons of oil for many things like cars and stoves. Finally, the oil brought us out of the great Depression because of the money people are making for inventions and military equipment.

Sammy: Okay, but how did it affect outside of the nation?

Patrick: Well The oil affected the U.S. by the technology people was making from the oil, making the nation more modern. Plus, people were making money around the nation from the oil. Also, all that is for the people which can make people rich or even bring the poor or poverty back on their feet for life.

Sammy: Well, I wish I could add more information, but I got to go, business is business.

Patrick: Alright. See you tomorrow.

(sammy leaves)

Mr. London: Okay Jim, I set up the booth, I'm going to sell the oil on the market.

Patrick: Okay then, but wait, why was the Age of the Oil so important?

Mr. London: Well, the Oil Age was the most important it's because this brought more oil for America which brought us new devices and electricity. Also, this brought many new company using that oil. Finally, the oil is important because of the tons of oil brought us out of the Great Depression by using that oil making product, so people have to work and then they earn money for their life or family.

Patrick: wow, now let's get this ready to sell.

Mr. London: sunlight is burning, MOVE!

Customer: Excuse me sir, but I would like to buy two barrels of oil.

Mr. London: Okay, that'll be $2

Customer: Alright!Thanks Fancy oil now I got some for my new business, childrens toys. (buys the two barrels of oil, then leaves, carrying one under each shoulder.)

Mr. London: Yes! I'm a success!

Patrick: Hey, Mr. London, I came to check out the booth.

Mr. London: It's going great, someone just spent 2 dollars on oil instead For his company Patrick: Wow, what a great businessman.

Mr. London: Eh, who cares? We're rich!

(Mr. London and Jim cheer unanimously)

Patrick: What a great day!

Mr. London (facing camera for commercial): So come on down here! There's many food and prizes to get at the festival! You can even get old-style oil just like they made back in the 1900s!

Patrick: Let's see what else is at this carnival


Patrick: Really?

Carnie: No, it's just a stuffed animal

Carnie: But over here, you can guess the weight of a pig! If you win, you get the pig!

(Carnie holds up a pig)

Carnie: Can you guess the weight of this baby, old ten-pound ?

Patrick: Is it ten pounds?


Patrick: Calm down, it's not colonial times

(Patrick grabs the pig and runs away)

Carnie: Hey Martha! We need another animatronic pig! That oil is making us money! (Leaves)

Mr. London: So come on down to the carnival! Sponsored by Fancy oil!


Cop: You're under arrest for child neglect!

Customer: I didn't do anything!

Cop: I've been watching you, and this is the 15TH TIME this month you went off and did something else instead of buying food for your kids

(Cop punches customer)

Customer: I've been saying that stuff because I'm acting for the commercial Mr. London is making! And we were making more that one take on this commercial.

Cop: Oh. Uh, Bye (slowly walks away, then turns around and runs)


Narrator: And that's what happened at the carnival on May 30th, 2005