Sometimes, I'm a giver of good advice!

A man in his 20's came into my office, one day. His whole body exuded sadness! I had my bare feet propped on the desk, but took them off when I saw him.

"Hello, I'm Barefoot Jenny. How can I help you?"

"Hello. I need you to help me find something. I'll pay you whatever it takes. Can you accept credit card?"

"Visa and MasterCard. What do you want me to find?"

"It's a ring. It was given to me by my fiance. Her name is Barbra Newton. Oh, my name's Barry Davidson."

I brought out a pencil and scrap paper. I wrote some things down, as he spoke.

"All right. Describe the ring."

"It's gold. It has a black ebony stone in the center. And on the stone is a gold B, for Barry."

I nodded. "Did you lose it, or was it stolen."

"I lost it—stupidly!"

"Don't be so hard on yourself! Now, where do you last remember seeing it?"

"The bus. The 23, to be exact. I was looking at some stuff I bought, and the ring must've come off. I didn't realize it until I was home.

"And how long ago was this?"

"A week ago."

"Been to their lost and found?"


"Sure you had it on before you got on the bus?"

"Yes. I remember looking at it at the bus stop."

"You know what probably happened to it?"

He nodded. "Someone saw it and kept it."

I also nodded. "Or else, it rolled off the bus, when the doors were opened. Maybe it could still be on the bus. But you'd have to remember what day and what time you got on it, to find the correct bus."

"I guess I'm out of luck," he said sadly. " I haven't even told Barbra I lost it, yet. I've simply told her I've forgotten to wear it!"

"Afraid of how she'll react."


"If Barbra lost an expensive piece of jewelry you bought her, how would you react?"

He thought about it, for a few seconds. "Well. . . I would be upset, of course. . . but I'd forgive her."

I nodded. If my boyfriend lost a piece of jewelry I gave him, I would be upset. But I'd forgive him."

He brightened up. "Yeah, I guess you're right."

"If she really loves you, she'll forgive you."

"And what if she doesn't forgive me?"

"Then maybe you should question whether she really loves you, or not."

This brightened him even more. "That's a good point. Thanks Jenny, I feel better already.'

"You're welcome."

"I guess if I hired you, I'd of ended up paying more than the ring was worth."

"$100 a day, plus expenses. And to be honest, I probably wouldn't have found your ring."

"Right! Oh, how much do I owe you?"

"Advice is free."


He shook my hand and left.


A couple weeks later, he came into my office again. He looked much happier then before.

I smiled. "Barry!"

"Hi, Jenny!"

"Did you find your ring?"

"No. But I squared it away with Barbra."

"You told her you lost it?"

"Yep. She was upset. But she told me that she forgives me, and she still loves me!"

"I told you so!"

"Yes, you did. Oh, and we're getting married in three months!"


I got up, and we hugged.

"And I bought a little gift for you."

"You did?"

He carried a leather bag. He opened this, rummaged through it, and gave me a small box.

Inside was a silver ring!

"Just a little token of my appreciation for your good advice.

I smiled. "Thank you, Barry!"

I started to put it on, but he stopped me. "No, it's a toe ring."

"A toe ring?"

"I figured that since you go barefooted a lot, you would probably wear them!"

"Sometimes, I do!"

I sat down and propped my feet on the desk. "You can put it on, for me!"

He put it on my right foot, on the middle toe.

"And I also want to invite you to my wedding!"

"I'll be there! Just send the details."

"OK. Oh, and you needn't wear shoes!"

I wiggled my toes. "Fine with me!"

We both laughed. He gave me another hug and left.

I went to his wedding, as promised. And no, I didn't wear shoes!