A fleeting glance,
A second chance,
A thing unreal
A thing only ideal,
In this dark abyss,
I see a wish

I see a star,
Gleaming from afar,
It looks like a wish,
In this dark abyss,
A little light,
To give me sight.

I wander in this cave,
My life I wish to save,
With this star to give me sight,
Just a tiny prick of light,
Enough to give me hope,
In this darkness that I grope.

Only hard rock I feel,
Rock as cold as steel,
That's why that tiny prick of light,
Barely enough to give me sight,
Is like a wish,
In this dark abyss.

As I work my way out,
My heart gives a shout,
Through this cave I roam,
All I can think about is home,
As I breathe in this cold air,
I wish I could be there.

When the size stayed the same,
Of that tiny little flame,
My hope began to fade,
And I began to be afraid.
Was I stuck down in the dark,
With only my tiny little spark?

Then I hear a sound,
Then I look around,
And see nothing in the dark,
But my tiny little spark,
In this darkness that I stand,
In which I can barely see my own hand.

Again I hear the sound,
Again I look around,
Again I see nothing in the dark,
Except my tiny little spark,
So I sit down in my confusion,
Thinking it was only an illusion.

Then, as clear as day, or rather night,
The little light in my sight,
Begins to move closer on its own,
I then let out a groan,
Thinking that in my confusion,
I had seen another illusion.

But soon the star was right upon me,
As clear as you can see,
In front of me, a man did stand,
Holding a little spark in his hand,
He was the one who held the light,
The little light that gave me sight?

Up I stand,
And hold out my hand,
Myself I introduce,
A spark for me he did produce,
And together we head into the dark,
Our path lit by his tiny spark.

Out of this cave we climb,
Out of the dirt and grime,
We leave behind the world of night,
And crawl into the world of light,
Our granted wish,
To leave behind the dark abyss.

My adventure did end,
But I found a new friend,
I leave behind my fears,
But then he disappears,
An angel was he,
That man who set me free.

I leave behind my grief,
For that man gave me belief,
I know Jesus Christ is Lord,
The only faith with a reward,
I now know God love's me,
And that he did set me free.

I head back into the dark,
This time with my spark,
This time with light,
To give others the sight,
For now that I believe,
Others in the dark I must retrieve.

Others still are deep in grief,
Others still are in need of belief.
My life I must fufill
If I don't go, who will?
Others need Jesus Christ as Lord,
And to know it's the only faith with a reward.

I must help those who are lost,
No matter what might be the cost.
Others must believe,
And Jesus they must receive,
I can do anything,
Because Jesus is my King.

I will fight through everything,
With Jesus as my king.
I will swing the double edged sword,
With Jesus as my lord.
I will spread the spark,
For Jesus is greater than the dark.

This faith may be forbidden,
But I will not remain hidden.
Others still are in the dark.
Others still need my spark.
Now my only wish,
Is to lead others out of the abyss.

I can do anything.

Jesus Is My King.