Hello everyone! Welcome to the first chapter of Everglow, a series that I've had in my head for a while now. The story will be written kinda like a script. While describing a scene or an action I will write the words with asterisks around them like *this*. While thoughts will be written in Italics like this.

Any constructive criticism is very appreciated as this has lots of room to improve.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy Everglow as much as I enjoyed making it! ^w^

Everglow Episode 1:

The secret hidden in the basement!

A deadly secret revealed!

Narrator: The world changed when they were born. A child with great magical abilities was born into the world in an unknown place and date. The mother hid the child for fear of them being taken from her, eventually, the child grew older and bore children who also had abilities. This is said to be the origin of Evers, a human subspecies with magical gifts called Glows. The legend says the family kept it a secret until a child with a disastrous Glow unleashed their power and exposed Evers to the world.

Mom: Maisuta! Time for school honey!

Maisuta: *A teenage boy of about 15 with light red metallic hair and dark eyes looks up from the article he was reading on his computer* Already? *Yells* Alright I'm coming! *He grabs his backpack and runs out of his room and downstairs and straight to the door, then starts putting on his shoes*

Mom: Why are you in such a rush? You have time to eat breakfast you know. *His mother peeks out of the kitchen. She is a beautiful woman which time treated well. With wavy brown hair and dark eyes.*

Maisuta: Nope, I promised Nanako that I would meet her at the school early.

Mom: *She smiles at him, the same loving smile she always gave him* Well at least take your lunch. *She grabs a paper bag with his name on it and walks across the house to hand it to hand it to him*

Maisuta: *Grabs the bag while putting on his left shoe* Thanks, Mom, well I have to go now. See ya! *Finishes putting on his right shoe and runs out of his house and through his neighborhood towards the local high school, Yorkshire High. After reaching the front gates he stops and takes a break. A girl with short brown hair approaches him from behind and grabs his shoulder, making him jump and turn around quickly.* Who- Oh it's just you Nanako. *The girl who appears to be Nanako giggles*

Nanako: You were scared weren't you?

Maisuta: *With defiance in his voice, he exclaims* Of course not! You can't scare me that easily!

Nanako: Whatever you say, Mai.

Maisuta: *Slumps his shoulders at the nickname she gave him when they were in middle school.* How many times have I told you not to call me that?

Nanako: Too many to count. *She says this with a knowing tone in her voice.*

Maisuta: So stop calling me it!

Nanako: Nope! Now c'mon let's go inside! *Nanako cheerfully skips past Maisuta and through the front gates towards the school*

Maisuta: *Sighs* How does she have so much energy so early in the morning? *Follows Nanako through the gates and gazes at the school* Yorkshire High, I've been going here since freshman year with the same people and faces. Though the only friend I have is Nanako. *He sighs again*

Nanako: *From further ahead* Cmon! We gotta be the first ones in class!

Maisuta: I'm coming jeez! *Jogs after Nanako*

*Transition to the classroom on the second floor of Yorkshire, with plain looking desk aligning the room in columns, the only person inside is a student sitting in the front. With Nanako and Maisuta standing in the doorway.*

Nanako: Dangit! Look what you did Mai! Because you were such a slowpoke were only the second to class! *Looks at the ground pouting*

Maisuta: Sorry I guess.

Nanako: You guess!? *She sighs and puts her hand to her temple. Something she started doing in middle school when Maisita did something stupid or annoying.* Whatever, I'll forgive you this time. Anyway would you maybe want to…. I don't know…. Hang out after school? *She crosses her hands behind her and nonchalantly stops eye contact with Maisuta.*

Maisuta: Huh? Oh sure, you can come to my place.

Nanako: Yay! *Nanakos phone buzzes, she takes it out of her blouse pocket and flips it open* That's right! I totally forgot that I have to meet some friends at the gate. See ya Mai!

Maisuta: Wait you're just gonna leave- *Nanako hurriedly leaves the classroom.* Me? … Whatever.

*Maisuta walks over to an empty seat in the back of the classroom by the window and sits down, leaving his backpack hanging on the chair by the straps*

Maisuta: I have around ten minutes until class starts, that's enough to catch up a bit with current events. *Reaches into his pocket and pulls out a smartphone, obviously much more advanced than Nanako's simple flip goes on a popular news channels website and plays a video*

News anchor: An Ever attack on Shinjuku station yesterday caused at least a hundred deaths and an estimated 2000 injured. The AEF is currently hunting the Ever who committed the attack. The Ever who attacked was caught in a picture by one of the survivors. *A picture taken from the ground showed a person with a Black and Red mask and a black hoodie. It seemed to have been taken from a hiding spot.* The recent Ever attacks, including this one, are suspected to be conspired by members of the group of Evers, otherwise known as Afterglow. More details tonight at 6.

Maisuta: The AEF and Afterglow. They've been at war with each other for how long now? Forty years I think. The AEF, or Anti Everglow Federation, is responsible for capturing and detaining all Evers with dangerous Glows. The group named Afterglow is made up of Evers that protest by killing civilians and drawing attention to themselves. At least that's what the public says, and so far that's what's been happening.

*The bell rings and Maisuta looks up, the seats somehow filled between when he started watching and now, Nanako comes into the class looking a bit winded. She looks around and sees Maisuta, she smiles but then scowls when she notices the seats around him have been filled. She angrily sits in an empty seat at the other end of the classroom from Maisuta.*

Maisuta: What she gets for being late.

*The teacher, a middle-aged man with a receding hairline and glasses walks into the classroom*

Teacher: Hello! My names Mr. Lohe! If you think that last year was hard then you have another thing coming! Take out your textbooks and turn to page 80! *Groans from the class echo out while they all pull out their textbooks*

Maisuta: *Sighs as he pulls out his textbook* Of all the teachers I had to get the strict one. Just my luck.

Nanako: Man that teacher SUCKED! He gave us homework on the first day! Can you believe it? *Nanako firmly holds out the page of homework and grips it tightly, crumpling it. She keeps a steady pace with Maisuta as they walk along the sidewalks towards Maisutas house. The sun shining down on them.*

Maisuta: Yeah it really sucks. But maybe we can finish it at my house?

Nanako: *Scoffs.* Yeah right! I'm not doing this crap! *She crumples the paper with two hands and proceeds to throw it behind her.*

Maisuta: It's surprising how you passed the eighth grade with that work ethic.

Nanako: *Raises her fist with fire in her eyes.* You wanna die?

Maisuta: N-no, sorry. *Maisuta and Nanako reach the house and enter, taking their shoes off at the entrance. Maisutas mother steps out from the living room.

Mom: Oh! Hello Nanako! I haven't seen you here in a long time! How have you been?

Nanako: I've been great! How about you Ms. Kishi?

Mom: Cmon Nanako, I've known you for so long you and you still call me that every time I see you! Just call me Mom!

Nanako: Uhm…. Ok *A little uncomfortable.*

Mom: *With an obvious tempting voice.* Will you be staying for dinner? Im making Miso Steak.

Nanako: No thanks, I've got things to do. Cmon lets go play video games or something Mai.

Maisuta: Alright.

Mom: No making out hear me? *Giggles like a child.*

Nanako: !? *An obvious blush comes over Nanako's cheeks as she tries to hide her face.*

Maisuta: R-really Mom!? Whatever let's go. *Maisuta walks into his room with Nanako following silently, they walk past a door with a padlock on the outside. The door seems to lead to the basement. It stands out compared to the rest of the doors in the house, mostly because its made out of a different material as the rest. Nanako gazes at it with a strong look of curiosity in her eyes. They then enter Maisutas room.*

Maisuta: *Walks over to the tv and powers it on.* So what do you want to play?

Nanako: *Ignoring his question.* Have you ever wondered what's in the basement?

Maisuta: Nanako I told you already, its confidential stuff from my mom's work. If the secrets get out she could lose her job.

Nanako: *Walks across the room and sits on Maisutas bed, crossing her legs before speaking.* Yeah, but how do you know that there's, not something…. Interesting.

Maisuta: Were not breaking into the basement.

Nanako: Oh c'mon pleeeeease! *Puts her hands together and moves them in a pleading motion.*

Maisuta: No! If I do I can only imagine what she'll do to me. *Shudders when he imagines the torturous things his mom could do.*

Nanako: *sighs.* Ok, confidential stuff for work right? Well has she ever told you where she works?

Maisuta: Well- *He thinks for a moment before realizing.* Actually no, she hasn't. I guess I just never questioned it.

Nanako: Exactly why we have to see what's in there.

Maisuta: Nanako…. Do you really think well be able to get into the basement in broad daylight?

Nanako: You're right. Wait you're actually gonna do this?

Maisuta: Yeah, you're a master at persuasion.

Nanako: Yes! Mission accomplished! So you got a plan?

Maisuta: Yep. I'll wait until my mom goes to sleep and then I'll steal the key from her room.

Nanako: Then we can finally see what's down there!

Maisuta: We? My moms very carefree but she won't let you spend the night. Since you're a, well, girl.

Nanako: Dangit! Curse you good parenting!

Maisuta: Well are we going to do what we came here for? *Points to his Ybox*

Nanako: Oh yeah, I pick this time.

*They both sit down on the floor cross-legged and start playing a popular fighting game, Nanako's specialty. Time seems to pass in a blur for both of them.*

4:00 pm

5:00 pm

6:00 pm

Nanako: Whew! Good session am I right? *Stands up from her seat and stretches.*

Maisuta: I only won two matches….

Nanako: Hey better luck next time buddy, well I've got to go before my dad starts to worry. Oh and you better tell me what you found tomorrow at school, and if you chicken out I'm killing you.

Maisuta: *Stands up across from Nanako.* I won't, I promise. *Gives a confident smile and a thumbs up.*

Nanako: *Stands there with her hands behind her back looking at Maisuta, silent. Expectedly*

Maisuta: Uhm…. Bye?

Nanako: Dangit you dummy…. I'll see you tomorrow Mai. *Smiles at him and walks out of his room, seconds later the front door can be heard opening and closing. Maisutas mom walks in his room.*

Mom: Hey I was going to make your're favourite food but i just realized I forgot to let it thaw out. Sorry.

Maisuta: It's ok, we'll just have it tomorrow i guess.

Mom: Definitely. Go ahead and find something to eat tonight ok? *Maisuta nods, She smiles and leaves, closing the door behind her.*

Maisuta: *sits on his bed, exhausted from losing all day.* Oh no! I still need to do the homework! Dangit! *Groans.* Well better get started.

*Takes the homework out of his backpack and starts working on it at his computer desk, by the time hes finished it's 8:30*

Maisuta: Finally done! *Mumbles* This is going to be one hell of a school year. *Checks his phone for the time.* Mom should be in bed now, I think it's safe to check the basement. Now I just need the key from her room.

*Maisuta quietly stands up from his desk and creeps out of his room. He sneaks down the hallway and into his mom's room where she sleeps soundly. He glances at the nightstand by her bed.*

Maisuta: That should be where it is. *Tiptoes as quietly as he can to the nightstand and opens it, inside are miscellaneous papers, cough drops and a single black key.* There. *Reaches and grabs the key and silently closes the drawer. Starts walking out but drops the key on the floor, making a loud metallic clang. Maisuta looks at his mom who has not stirred a bit from her sleep.* Thank god she's a heavy sleeper.

*He picks the key up and sneaks out of the room, shutting the door silently behind him. After a few steps, he reaches the basement door, it looking very intimidating in the darkness of the night. Using a shaky hand, he puts the key into the lock of the door and turns it. He opens the door and the rush of chilling air from the basement hits Maisuta out of nowhere, sending goosebumps up his arms. The air becomes dreadful and the darkness seeming to swallow him. Very slowly he takes a step into the inky darkness of his basement and slowly descends, using the wall as guidance. After a couple of steps he reaches the bottom, the floor of the basement chilling his skin.*

Maisuta: *In a hushed whisper* Is there a light switch or something. *Runs his hands along the wall, finds a switch and flips it.*

*A light bulb hanging from the ceiling illuminates the basement, the sudden light making Maisuta squint for a few moments. The basement is rather large, with cement floor and walls the color of a dark gray. A few filing cabinets stand in the corner, being the same color.*. A locker on the other side of the cabinets stands out because of its dark blue color.*

Maisuta: There's….nothing. I came down here for nothing. *Sighs.* Might as well check it out. *Strides over to the filing cabinets, his sense of dread disappearing.* They don't seem to be locked. *Opens the very top drawer. Inside are folders with papers inside of them. Nothing seems out of the ordinary except for the title cards on the folders.* What the? *Flips through some of them, reading the nametags for each.* Staff, Strategies, Common Enemy profiles? What kind of work is she doing? *He closes the drawer, having more questions than answers. He turns to the locker behind him and walks over to it. He reaches to open it but stops for a moment. A foreboding feeling coming over him.* I don't have to open this. I can just walk back upstairs, put the key back and go to bed. *But the curiosity was too much for him to handle, he had to have answers. He grabs the handle, and pulls the locker open swiftly before he can change his mind.* What? *Inside is a plain black hoodie with no logo. Breaths a heavy sigh of relief.* It's just a hoodie, what am I so worried about? *He goes to close the locker but right before he can something falls out of the top cubbie of the locker and onto the ground. It appears to be a black and red mask. He picks it up to examine it closer.* I feel like I've seen this somewhere before…. Wait! *Maisuta has a flashback to the video he watched on the recent Ever attack on Shinjuku. His eyes widen, the dread coming back to him with a vengeance. He drops the mask and falls to the ground. A mind-blowing realization coming to him.*

Maisuta: My mom's….. an Ever.

End of Episode 1

To be continued