A new try at a story after my last try at making a real story dropped dead do to poor planning on my part.

Editing and help by Krazylegs, WildVix and Dark Oracle. All of them are wonderful and kind people.

But grammar is still my weakest point.


"Are we even being followed at this point?" I asked both of my fellow partners, my voice nearly drowned out by gasps for air. My name is Kizer Zin and I just made myself an enemy of the Great Kingdom by stealing the King's "property".

The only word that would sum me up is gray, in every way and every form. My outfit was a gray servant suit with gloves and shoes. Even my pale skin and brown hair has a sickly gray tint to it.

One of the women came to my side, crossing her arms under her chest as she spoke, "We walked for less then an hour and you're already starting to complain?"

"Sorry but I'm still human, so I have to walk..." I spat back at Rally, looking the tomboy in the face.

"Zin, That was uncalled for", The final woman was something of a high class woman wearing a dress, "But Rally, you need to understand how stressful this must be for him."

"Right..." Rally halfheartedly answered. This woman is Rally Nightshade, a tomboy with brown hair up in a ponytail along with a red shirt, black pants with combat boots and fingerless gloves.

"We can take a small break for Kizer to catch his breath before we start off again", Jasmine spoke softly. Jasmine woodmen was a kind person born into the upper crust but lacked much of the worst characteristics of having riches. She wore a lovely light blue maid dress with matching heeled-boots and shoulder-length gloves.

"Thank you... but I think I'm okay to keep going", I gave them one last look before reaching into my servant suit's belt to confirm again that I had both bottles.

It was hard to believe but both Rally and Jasmine are artificial genies, they along with other innocent people from other worlds have been transformed against their will into magic slaves by the King. Artificial genies are little more than a joke of the real thing; they have magic but nothing close to the level needed to grant wishes, along with other limitations like not being able to carry their own or other's bottles and being unable to move more then a mile from their own bottle.

The woods offered little hindrances as we made our long track away from the heart of the kingdom.

"Can you go any slower?" Rally nagged me again.

I stopped and turned to face her, feeling my mix of anger and lack of rest taking the place of confidences.

"What?" She asked, looking me in the eye, "Do I have something on my face?"

Just as the words started to form in my mind, Rally raised an eyebrow as she leaned forward with her hands on her hips and "unintentionally" making her top half more pronounced.

My thoughts changed from anger to something I was unaccustomed to. "Blast it...", I thought, "She really does have an... attractive body..."

"Is something wrong?" Jasmine asked me, somewhat oblivious to the world around her.

I turned around and started walking again in hope of hiding my red face. "Nothing... " As a lowly man servant, I had next to no contacted with anyone female most of my life as the King had people segregated based off your worth to the Great kingdom. I had to admit, being this close to two wonderful looking women was something of a dream... but everything around it was a nightmare.

The sounds of growling snapped me out of my day dream instantly. A pack of wolves made their way from behind the trees, springing an ambush.

"And what do we have here?" Rally asked as she moved past me, placing herself between me and the wolfs, "I've been looking for something to take my anger out on all day!"

"Are you really going to fight?" I just looked at her, stunned by how eager Rally was to fight.

"Hell Yah!" She yelled as she flung herself into the pack, fists swinging wildly at anything that moving.

Jasmine gently placed a hand on my shoulder, a smile on her face, "Don't worry, this will not take long."

My eyes never left Rally as the wolves jumped at her from all sides, teeth ready to ripe deep into soft flesh only to be sent flying by punches from the crazed berserker.

"COME ON!" Rally yelled as she sent the last beast brave enough to attack into a nearby tree, "Just TRY and get ME!"

Seeing a pack of man eating wolves sent running for the hills within seconds, all I managed to say was. "wow."

The last stretch of the trip out of the forest was surprisingly uneventful after the wolf pack, nothing stopped us from finally exiting the woods into a field just as the sky started to darken.

"Thank goodness... " I whimpered, my body was far from use to any kind of hiking.

Jasmine nodded, "Yes, I think it's best that we stop here for the night. We'll be without the forest's cover for here on."

"Fine..." The tomboy added.

Only after sitting down did a very important question pop into my head, "Do we have anything to set up camp?"

"I don't know, we only have what you grabbed on the way out", Rally shot back, clearly mocking me.

The only things I had was my suit and Rally and Jasmine's bottles, I didn't even think about food or gear as I made my escape from the castle.

"Okay, Rally and I will make something for you", The gentle Lady spoke, offering a hand to Rally.

I blinked in confusion, "Wait... you can't grant wishes... how are you?"

"True, fake genies don't have much for power but me and Jazz together can do some... amazing stuff", Rally answered as she placed a hand in Jasmine's.

A small puff of light erupted from in-between their hands, making a thick odd-looking tree appear in front of me.

"A Tree? You are going to have me sleep... on a TREE?" After looking at nothing but trees for the last three hours, I felt like pulling my hair out at seeing another one.

"Don't worry, It's nothing like that", Jasmine reassured me as she walked up to the base of the tree and opened a door to reveal a ladder.

Rally was the first to start climbing down, "See? A hiding place from anyone looking for us, so stopped crying and get moving."

"After you", the maid offered, holding her hands to the door like a guide.

Just as I was about to climb down, something crossed my mind. "I think you need to go before me", I said, looking at Jasmine's dress, "I would be able to... see up.."

She looked back at me, a small blush on her cheeks, "R-right, good call."

The underground room was simple, a single bed sat in the middle. "Oh my goodness! I've never been more happy to see a bed..."

"Yup, a bed all for you", The tomboy sighed, stretching her back.

I stopped and looked back at Jasmine and Rally, "If the bed is all for me, where are you two going to sleep?"

Both of them answer in unison. "The bottles", pointing at my belt.

"Are you positive? You can have the bed if you wi-" But before I had even finished Rally cut me off.

"NO... I mean... We're okay in the bottles", She nearly jumped.

It made no senses to me but maybe there is something I don't understand. Slowly and carefully I placed the two bottles on the floor. "okay, here you go."

Jasmine looked at her bottle before looking back at me, a small red color on her face. "Umm... Kizer, dear... would you help us?" She asked weakly, a clear trace of shame in her voice.

"Yah..." Rally added, biting her bottom lip nervously.

I looked between the two of them, "Okay... What do you need me to do?" It felt like the room had got a lot hotter.

"Just pick one of the bottles up at a time and point it at it's owner then say... R-r-returnnnn." Jasmine whispered the last word, her face becoming ever more red at finally saying it.

I grabbed the red bottle and pointed the open end at Rally, only stopping to see how she was reacting. Her face was a mix of shock and excitement. Both eyes wide as she looked at the bottle in my hands, almost twitching like a child eyeing some kind of candy. I hated to say but I loved seeing this... odd side of her.

"J-just do it!" Rally nearly yelled at me.


I looked on in shock as the end of Rally's pony-tail shot at the bottle, pulling and stretching her body out. "It's happening to me~" She squealed as her body soon followed.

The opening of the bottle did not widen as it pulled strongly at Rally's pony-tail. Rally's size, weight or shape helped her resist the vacuum. She made no attempts at flailing or freeing herself. "OooooOOooooHhhh MmmmMmmYyyyyYy~"

It seemed like she was gaining some kind of pleasure. Rally had become like Smoke as she was fully enveloped within the confines of a tight constricting enclosure.

Her body is pulled deeper and deeper into the Bottle, which accept her into its compact embrace. Like a carnivorous snake, Rally's bottle slowly pulls the tomboy deeper within until she was completely gone with one last moan.

"Wow", Was all I manage to say.

"My turn", Jasmine said, standing ready before me.

I just blinked, "Can you explain what this is about?"

She nodded, her face still red. "It's... like... stretching in the morning or a massage... but for every inch of your body... and it's very... intense.." As she talked, her eyes never left the blue bottle.

"Right..." I never thought that something like that would feel good to them. There was one thing that stayed with me, it was seeing Rally go from uptight tomboy to moaning mess. It had been more erotic for me than I would like to admit but I was more than ready to see it again.

Slowly I pointed the bottle at Jasmine, seeing her eyes light up. "Return!"


It's a bit odd but I like to think that I've improved massively over my first try.

The OC of Rally and Jasmine are owned and created by WildVix.