Life, it's a joke at this point. This is my first time wrting anything close to sex, sorry.


The first day of my new "rule" went surprisingly smoothly, all of the Genies have split up and done their own thing. I found myself just watching them as they worked to make our lives a little bit better. I dared not interrupt any of them, in fear of damaging their concentration or passion.

Rally used her time to gather any useable food left from the ruined slave farms. Jasmine worked on making better accommodations for me to sleep in. Minerva was drawing up ideas for a new castle and looking for a perfect place to build it. As for Winter and Skye, I know not what either did other than stay out of sight.

Soon night came, and the time for me to back up my words with it. This would be my first time with a woman, with Rally... and I had no idea what to do.

Rally and I stood facing one another in my temporary bedroom, "so... how do we do this?" I was equal parts embarrassed and excited. This was the night that the two of us would be taking our relationship, from master and Genie to something more.

Rally for her part seemed calmer, "Well, we can do something normal but I think a little bit of role-play may help you more", she placed her hands on her hips with a grin.

"What's role-play?"

The tomboy's smile increased at my question, "It's like a game that people who like and trust one another play", she waited before adding, "I think helping to get some of your pent up fears and urges out may do you some good".

She walked closer, "Kizer, what is your fantasy, the thing that turns you on the most but you would never dare try?"

I didn't know how to respond, so many ideas ran through my head but one stood above all others. Control.

"I guess, the idea of controlling you... making you do anything I wish".

Rally didn't even show any sign of judgment as she nodded, "Yeah, you do seem to have a bit of a power fantasy thing", she leaned even closer, "let's go with that then, I'll be the rebellious Genie and you try and break me~".

My throat went dry as the words left Rally's lips, "do you think that's okay?" I looked into her eyes, "what if I go too far or hurt you?"

Rally snapped her fingers, "right, I forgot a safe word!"

I blinked, yet another term I didn't know.

The tomboy clapped her hands together, "In role-play people will say, scream or yell no but they mean yes".


She went on with her explanation, "so people will agree on a safe word, if the word is used then everyone stops, as it means really no", Rally crossed her arms, as if trying to draw my eyes to her chest.

Dumb as it sounds, I asked the first thing that came to mind, "so what do we use for a safe word?"

"Apple", the Genie answered back, "it's short, sweet and not likely to pop up in pillow talk"

I understood, if either of us says apple, then that means for the other to stop.

She tilted her head, still smiling her wolfish grin, "this is the point of role-play with someone you trust, to do all the odd things that you would never really do", the genie turned on her heel and walked a bit away, returning to her original spot before me.

"Don't think of me as your good friend, for tonight. I'm just a loudmouth Genie, force me to put it to better use~" She spoke with a seductive tone and a smirk as if daring me to try it.

Did I wish to make love to her? Yes, without question. She had been a burning temptation from day one, made worse by the knowledge that I had the power to take her by force.

Here, this night... I can have Rally and play out my illusion of taking her like my daydreams.

"Well?" Rally asked as she seemed to change her stance, clearly getting into character, "I knew you didn't have the balls to do anything or you trying to get me to give you a pity handjob?"

What's a handjob, Never mind, that question can wait, first was to play my part.

With a deep breath, I cleared my mind and thought hard on what I would do in my deep dark twisted dreams.

"You... will learn to obey and like it" I stuttered but quickly caught myself as I went on, "I wish for you to refer to me as Master in a lovely voice!"

Rally growled at me, as she was forced to follow my command with a snap, "Yes... Master...", she tried to sound disgusted but failed as her tone turned silky soft. "If you think that will get you anywhere, you're crazy".

"Very well then, let's continue", I spoke with more confidence as I was bolstered by my last command's effect, "you do like to tempt me with that lovely body of yours, I think it's time you were something more fitting of my s-servent".

The Genie showed no fear, the smug look on her face easily saying, bring it on.

I have to keep up-ing the anty, but I don't know things about Rally's world... so why not make her do the leg work? "I order you to dress in the sexiest outfit you can think of!"

Rally's eyes widen in momentary shock as she snapped her fingers at my command, granting my wish. The magic washed over her form, her breasts bouncing as it melts Rally's clothing away until an odd outfit remained in its place.

It was a single burning red item that covered only her center body and nothing else. The choice cuts in its design gave a perfect view of her cleavage and hide none of her hips or rear. On her head was a pair of bunny ears and matching tail just above her butt.

"And that is?" I asked, trying to keep my composure in the face of my actions. My eyes combing over her perky breasts, they looked so soft and smooth.

"It's a playboy bunny uniform, my Master", Rally answered as she adjusted a tiny white collar on her neck before doing the same to a pair of cuffs on her hands. She smiled at me, "it seemed fitting for a lady in my position".

I nodded sharply, "I approve, you were it very well". I got my wish, but I had no idea what to do now. I lived a simple life in the kingdom, I never even interacted with a woman before Rally and Jasmine.

"Well?" Rally asked, grinning as she raised an eyebrow at me.

The feeling of panic and stage fright was welling up inside me, I didn't know what to do... I never thought any of this through. There was only one out, I had to take it, "Apple".

The Genie's face turned to one of concern, "you okay?" She took a few steps closer, not caring as her body jiggled.

"I ran out of ideas... I'm sorry", I felt my face burn with shame. This was my night to prove something, and I failed.

She didn't hesitate before padding me on the shoulder, "don't worry about it", Rally shrugged, "I did forget that you were born into a gender-segregated kingdom and I don't think they have porn here either".

I opened my mouth to speak, only to be silenced by a pair of delicate lips pressed against mine. Rally had leaned in and kissed me, fully and without restraint.

We embrace, my hands exploring her incredible body, feeling, touching and groping all that Rally was. From her squeezable rear that was unprotected by her new outfit, to her chest that bounced and wobbled.

She broke the kiss with a smile, "you're really inexperienced in this stuff, even though it's always on your mind, huh?"

"Y-yeah", I didn't know what to say, I felt like I was holding her back.

Rally moved her hands to my shirt, grinning as she popped the buttons off with her Genie strength, "there is only one thing to do, you'll have to have practice~".

I blinked in confusion, "practice?"

She answered me in a low, hush voice, "yes, lots of practice with me, Jaz and maybe Winter too~". Her face was just as red as mine but spoke with no discomfort.

"What are you...?" I didn't get to finish asking as my pants and boxers disappeared with a snap of the tomboy's fingers. With wide eyes, I looked on as my erection was freed to the open air.

Rally's smile grew even larger as she grabbed a handful of her top and pulled it down, letting her breasts spring free. It was an incredible thing to see for myself. The Genie got on her knees before me, she held her breasts by the sides and pushed them forward at me.

I didn't know what to say, but I did nothing, out of fear that she would stop.

She leaned in until my cock was smothered by her tits, the tip just barely pocking out from the two mountains to greet her. It felt way too good to handle, I just had to grab a feel of her soft jugs, to squeeze under my fingers.

"Just relax and let me do all the work~" Rally spoke smugly, clearly enjoying the reaction she was getting out of her "Master". With both hands, she pressed her chest together before rubbing it up and down. Letting them wobble and bounce as she went.

I failed to hold back a low moan from escaping. It was amazing, the contact of skin to skin, every jiggle of her chest, but I needed more, "please..."

Rally hummed to herself, "what was that?"

"I need you...", I was begging, the need to take this to another level, to finish. The voluptuous breasts of Rally were good but she was actively avoiding my second "head".

"As you command Master~" She snickered to herself before attacking my needy cock with her mouth. Rally was armed with nothing but a tongue and a pair of lips but attack it she did.

I cried out in approval, instinctively thrusting my hips forward as my knees nearly buckling under me. Out of nothing more than reflex, I placed both hands on top of Rally's head and push her down more.

The genie greedily licked away at the erection in her mouth, like a dog enjoying a new bone. Rally got to know even inch within her hungry maw.

I weakly gasped and whimpered, my body twisting and jerking. I felt that I was at my limit and in a moment Rally would too.

Within a few more seconds, I lost restraint and unloaded all contents deep into Rally's throat. Both hands holding on her head, to force her to swallow every drop.

Rally for her part did not fight back, looking up at me with a glint in her eyes, she willingly drank all of it even to the point of sucking what little remained out of me.

I was happy to finish even as my legs nearly gave way. I was sad that things didn't go as I had hoped but... I was excited to do this again later.

Rally stood up and wrapped an arm around me, to help me steady on my feet, "come on, let's get you into bed", She leads me to my new king-sized arrangements, "you'll need your rest, cuz you WILL be training daily to get your stamina up~".

"Right...", I smiled back at her as she claimed the other half of my bed after stripping off her clothing.