Basically just venting. Sorry guys, nothing too juicy; it's just about a car theft.

I used to think that bad things don't—couldn't—happen to good people, but I was terribly wrong. Apparently, I was always terribly wrong. My father, a fifty-year-old man with a hearty laugh and the best smile in the world, just got his truck stolen. A huge black Ford with an orange KTM sticker on the back window just disappeared into thin air. We were literally fifty feet from the scene and didn't notice a thing; we didn't notice what the cameras did.

The cameras didn't show much, but they showed enough for us to know that these guys were professionals. At first, I couldn't really believe it, but then as the tension got serious, it gradually started sinking under my skin. My first thought was out of pure anger: How dare they? Then, realization: There was important stuff in that vehicle! And finally, regret: I was right there, why couldn't I have spotted them?

Unfortunately guys, this is the real world, and in the real world shit like this happens to the best people. Honestly, I'm still completely shocked and in a daze, but I'm trying to stay positive because I really want the police to find our truck. But here's the thing: there's so much more crap going on out there that makes this theft miniscule. Murder, rape, domestic abuse, and so much more is happening that makes robbery look like the better end of it.

All I have to say to the guys that stole our vehicle—our very important vehicle—is that you are going to get what you deserve, except it's going to be ten times worse. And for those of you who do steal, you are very selfish; can you not see how pitiful it is to commit theft? You're taking other people's stuff because you are needy, greedy, and an idiot. We—I—am so hysterical about this whole case. I mean, I could've stayed in the car, and if they had guns, I either would've been dead or kidnapped. I could've been shot or raped. All that keeps running through my mind is that I could've been killed without my family ever knowing who it was. Why would you want a person to think like that? To panic and cry and never feel like they are safe again? Because that's what's happening to me right at this very instant, even as I write this and you are reading it!

That's what I wanted to get off my chest, because I obviously can't tell anyone else except you guys. Read my profile to know why.

Weirdo out~