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"What's that?"

I look up from the book I'm reading, startled. My best friend Dominic is sitting there, staring at my wrist. And, to my horror, I realise why - my sleeve has slipped down, revealing my cut up wrist.

"N - Nothing," I stammer out. With a trembling hand, I roll my sleeve back up. Dominic sits there, continuing to stare at my now covered wrist. "It was an accident. I'm fine now."

His eyes flick up to mine. I'm left breathless at the beauty of his large, bright blue eyes. They're dark right now, flashing with something I cant quite pick up. He frowns.

"Are you sure, Jake?" he asks me. I nod quickly, gripping the book in my hands.

"I'm sure, Dom," I reply. "Would I lie to you?"

He stares at me for a moment. "I... dont know, Jake," he murmurs. "Lately, you've been acting weird. Different. I dont know when youre lying or when youre telling the truth anymore."

I sigh. "Really, Dom. I'm fine. It was just an accident. I scratched my hand on the bushes by my house. You know the ones, right? They're in the back. The ones with thorns..."

I realise I'm babbling like an idiot and I sigh. I reach my hand into my pocket and curl my fingers tight around my release - the knife I had gotten for my thirteenth birthday two years ago. It's the only thing keeping me sane. It's my anchor to reality. Without it, I will surely succumb to the darkness that is threatening to take me under.

"But, they looked like..." Dom presses, and I growl, irritated. I don't need people worrying about me. There's nothing to worry about. I'm fine. Everything's fine.

"I'm fine!" I suddenly shout, and a few people in the cafeteria turn their heads to stare at me. Angry, I slam my book onto the table, stand up, grab my backpack, and prepare to leave. "Quit worrying about me! I don't want people constantly up my ass about petty things!"

Dom glares up at me. "Are you positive that is what you want, Jacob?" he asks, and I flinch at his use of my full name. He's only ever always called me either Jake, or his petname for me, Jakey. He only calls me Jacob if he's super pissed at me. Which, I guess he is now. "You dont want me worrying about you?"

"No!" I cry, frusterated. I want to leave. I need to leave. The urge to make more marks on my wrist is growing stronger.

He snarls, baring his teeth. "Fine, then," he spits out. "From this day forward, I will quit worrying about you. As much as you are concerned, I am not your friend anymore. Got it, Jacob?"

Tears well up in my eyes. No. This can't be happening. I don't want to lose Dom - the greatest thing that has ever happened to me. He's my brother. My best friend. My secret crush. The one I want to spend the rest of my life with.

"Yes," I whisper. I feel a single tear slide down my cheek, and I angrily wipe it away. "I understand, Dominic."

He gives me a nod. "Good," he murmurs.

Hurriedly, I grab my backpack and race out of the cafeteria, heading towards the bathroom.

"Worthless child!" Robert, my step father, snarls as he pushes me hard against my bedroom wall. "Waste of space! Why don't you just die? Nobody will care if you did, anyways."

I hang my head as tears slide down my cheeks. "I know," I whisper. Thanks to me being stupid, I lost my best friend today. Now, I am alone, and at the mercy of the man whom I fear most.

He punches me in the face, right under my left eye. I don't even cry out. I just take the pain given to me, knowing that I deserve it. He hits me again, this time in the stomach. And, once more in the groin.

Now, I'm hunched over. Robert towers over me. He's huge compared to me. I'm only 5'5 while this man has to be about 6'7. He's muscular, too. He has big, strong arms, a six pack, and a toned stomach. His head is shaved completely bald, and a pair of glasses rest on his nose.

"I'm glad you know where your place is, worthless boy," he says with a devious smile. "But, still, you need to be taught a lesson." I hear him unzip his pants, and I know exactly what is going to happen next. He's going to rape me. He's never raped me before. He's only hit me. To be honest, I'm scared right now. Terrified, to be exact. Still, I let him throw me onto the floor.

He tugs down my pants and underwear, and I bite my lip hard to stop from screaming as pain explodes inside me. Tears slide down my tightly closed eyes. I can hear Robert moaning in pleasure each time he thrusts roughly into me. I feel sick. I feel so dirty, so disgusting. I feel like such a disgusting, dirty whore.

Finally, I feel him cum inside me. He pulls out, and lets go of my hips. I collapse onto the floor, my eyes opened just a sliver. I can see, through my tear blurred vision, Robert zipping his pants back up and exiting the room, finally leaving me alone.

I let myself let out a sob once that bastard's gone. Soon enough, I'm a crying, sobbing mess on the floor. My legs drip with blood and semen, and my ass hurts terribly.

After a few minutes of crying, I push myself up. I groan in pain, and balance myself on my bed when my legs wobble. I pull up my pants and exit my room, hurrying to the bathroom.

I lock myself in and, after I strip, I turn the hot water on high, grab my knife, and climb in. I pull the curtain close before pressing my knife to my wrist and slashing at my skin.

My tears mix with water as they slide endlessly down my cheeks. My body trembles. I soon manage to calm down, all thanks to my knife. I stare at my arm. The cuts are deep. Deep enough to see white fat beneath my skin. Blood spills from them, dripping into the bathtub and turning the water pink.

Once done, I clean my wounds, dry off, and put on a pair of sweats and a sweatshirt. I climb into bed, and curl up into a small, trembling ball. I close my eyes tight and, soon enough, I am falling fast asleep, dreaming of my step father, my knife, and my ex-best friend, Dominic.

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