Slowing down

Left behind

Outdone by newer models

It can't keep up

It barely runs

But tries it's very best.

Such competition

With innovation

Released at rapid speed.

Taking strides in tech

Leaving others in the dust.

They say it takes up too much space

It's easy to replace

You can copy all the data

But the memory remains

A new stage in progression

Stands upon the stage.

Forgetting that the limelight

Was once on the aged

What came before?

What paved the way?

What made the world today?

The obsolete are few

And a dying breed.

But hold a wealth of knowledge

That helped plant the seed.

Can you place a value

On experience and what's been seen?

Remember what their role was

When they were at the scene.

The tools that helped make history

Are dull and dwindling

But in their prime

They had their time

Back when they were used.

Now they rest

Placed down to lay

Building up value.

As they become forgotten

And the many become few.

They can't run the newest system.

But without them there'd be none

They slaved away so we would not

And now are almost gone

We have to make the upgrade

To catch up with the world

While the out of date are left behind

Watching us unfurl.

But who says that we cannot

Stop and turn around.

To admire, while we can

The fading obsolete.

While it still works appreciate

The old-fashioned and disused

It may not work well

But time will tell

That we will break down too

The obsolete are rare

With secrets kept inside

It won't be long, sadly, before

They're nothing but a shell.

Our time is short and so is theirs

So now I must ask you

What is obsolete

And what is treasure?