"Have you ever been to Crescent?" Rose asked, watching Janna lift herself into the saddle.

"No." Janna replied, sitting down in front of her. Rose moved back to give her room. "I'd never left Silver City before I met you."

"Really?" Rose asked.

"Really." Janna checked the saddlebags and patted the horse. Kevin had arranged for his rich friend to care for him. "Sorry to leave, buddy?" she whispered to him. "What's in Crescent?" she asked Rose.

"I don't know, I just always wanted to see it. Farthest city in the Empire, the ocean, mountains... That sort of thing.

"There's dragons." Janna offered.

"Dragons?" Rose asked.

"They're a kind of lizard that lives around there. There was a description of them in one of George's books. I always wondered what they looked like."

"Then let's go to Crescent."

"How do we get there?"

Rose pointed west. "Go that way." she said loftily.

Janna smiled and kneed the horse, who started walking. "And what will we do when we get there?" she asked.

"We'll eat sweet berries, drink wine, and watch the sun set over the ocean."

Janna tried to think of an objection, could not, and steered the horse to take the west fork of the road.