Chapter 7

Bonnie made sure nobody saw her enter The Stone House with Sean who went ahead and waited for her outside of Room 209. He opened the door for her when they were sure the hallway was deserted and he quietly closed it behind them. The room was as rustic and comfortable as the one twenty-five years earlier.

Bonnie excused herself to use the bathroom. And seat sat on the end of the queen-sized bed feeling contented and hopeful. The Stone House radiated serenity and peacefulness and his mind relaxed with the memories of the last time they had sex – right here in this very stone house. He had fantasized about her over the years but he never imagined they would find themselves in the very place together again.

The State Senator and interim State Senate President emerged from the bathroom wearing nothing but a white towel. Her hair was down. She smiled when she saw the dumbfounded look on his face.

"Hello, Sailor," She purred.

Sean stood and they crashed into each other, wrapping their arms around one another, their lips crushing the other's with meaningful and long awaited kisses. Tongues flicked in and out with mutual exploration. Bonnie felt him poking her and then he was walking her backwards toward the bed. She allowed herself to flop onto it, the towel becoming unloosened and falling open to expose her to him after so many years.

Sean dropped to his knees at the end of the bed and he buried his face between her legs, flicking his tongue into her opening. Bonnie responded by lifting her hips as she laughed with delight. Sean's fingers found her opening to and she moaned as pleasured her with his tongue and fingers, Bonnie withering on the bed as she twitched and rotated her hips, the room filling with her moans and whimpers. She used her hands to pull his green polo shirt off over his head and desperately waved at his belt buckle which Sean unfastened for her. She unsnapped his pants button and helped him pulled the trousers off his hips and down his legs.

"Skivvies too," she giggled.

He was already aroused when his member was exposed to her and he climbed on top of her, kissing her and rubbing her skin with his hands, cupping her breasts and soon he was entering her and they both began to pump their hips in unison, Bonnie moaning and writhing with pleasure.

Pop Pop Pop.

"Oops," Bonnie said.

Pop Pop Pop

"I had forgotten," Sean admitted as he kept pumping.

Pop Pop Pop.

"Be warned at our age I could actually fart this time," Bonnie said as she began to come, quivering and quaking as her climax exploded despite the Pop Pop Pop's.

When it was over, they both lay on the bed holding onto each other.

"Seems like old times," Sean smiled, kissing her softly on the side of her face.

"I really have missed you," Bonnie said.

"And I've missed you," Sean said, kissing her long and hard on the lips while his hand softly caressed her tummy .

They made love several more times into the night, sometimes with the Pop Pop Pop noise filling the room, depending on their position. Bonnie also accidentally farted one time.

"It was the meatballs," she insisted. "I have to remember to watch what I eat these days."

They fell asleep in each other's arms and didn't awake until the sun came through the window in the morning. Bonnie slipped out of the bed and went to the glass door overlooking the terrace, naked in the morning sunlight.

"Are we going to do it out there again?" Sean smirked from the bed, now awake.

"We were young and care free back then," Bonnie said sentimentally as she glanced over her shoulder. "Now we're older with reputations to protect. Could you imagine what would happen if someone saw us bare assed out there fucking away?"

The naked Sean joined her at the window. "How 'bout we fuck right here then?" He whispered into her ear from behind.

"Aren't we getting too old to be acting like carefree college kids?" She sighed.

He gently pushed her against the curtain of the sliding door window and rubbed himself against her ass from behind. "You're with a Sailor," he reminded her.

Bonnie laughed with delight. "How could I have forgotten? My Officer and A Gentleman."

He kissed her neck and wrapped his arms around her waist. "My Senate President."