alone, alone, alone

i can't believe your words

"i don't want to be your friend anymore."

how could you do something like this?

I trusted you.

I trusted you.

I let you in

I let you see my darkest side, let you see the things I liked

and your response was to stomp all over it and just freaking leave

how could you be so cold

as to just dismiss all the times we had together

why, why online friend

how could you do something so cruel

tonight i, the fool, will be at home crying

tears slipping down my face as i wonder why i even gave you a chance

when you turned out to be faker than a mask

all i ask is that you erase all evidence of us being friends

because i'm not friends with a traitor, a liar and a fake.

i let you see me, i thought you cared.

guess as soon as you found other friends, you decided you didn't give a shit and left me.

the tears are still brimming, waiting to be spilled.

i've erased you from my life.

I hope someday you're going to be called out on your fakery.

someday you'll know just how much pain you inflicted on me.

So here I sit, alone, writing this, and resisting the urge to cry.

You hurt me, you told me lies

you said you cared, you said you'd be there.

So why did you tell me you didn't want to be my friend anymore?




Whatever, I don't need fake friends like you.

go crawl away, serpent from the garden of eden.

Never to be trusted by me again.