Three years and more,

yet it feels so short.

Like a thief in the night,

life in an instant is out of sight.

A hard pang in the heart,

like it's been hit by a very poisonous dart.

Vivid memories, so sweet and real,

now, tears in my eyes, they became so much more crystal clear.

Your voice, your tender call,

I can't seem to hear clearly, nor recall.

The bit of your nail, lying quietly in the staircase floor,

whenever I see, walk or pass with it, it reminds me, I can't see you no more.

I couldn't fathom what just happened,

because, everything spun so fast, it is so sudden.

Moments of the past, are scattered everywhere,

so overflowing, and painful, for you were once there.

I prayed to the almighty He,

with so much passion and sincerity.

I said, "I'll give everything. Half of my life, my goals and dreams, all of it just for her,"

For I can't imagine an empty life without you, thrown in me, to bear.

I don't want you to fade,

I want you to stay.

That's why, I try to remember every memory of you,

in these rooms and corners, all of the bits and details too.

Your being, your existence that is now already lost,

it pains me so hard, it haunts me like a ghost.

I miss your smile, your eyes, your whole face.

your simple gestures, your flawless leaps and slow walking pace.

Please, linger in my dreams, in our dreams.

All the time, be with us when we closed are eyes.

PS. I just want to tell you,

even though I had always told you...

We wholeheartedly loved you, we still do.

and I dearly and deeply love you, just want to let you know that, my darling, too.