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The shadows of the dungeon were lit only by a torch, it's orange flame like a flower that stood against the darkness. It gave the gift of light to the two siblings in the room, illuminating the work which they had wrought upon the floor. The cobblestoned walls had moss growing out of them, giving the air inside a wet, almost claustrophobic taste.

"Are you sure we've got everything?" This was Derek, his dark hair damp with grease and grime, which matched the cloak he wore. His blue eyes searching over the corridor, waving the torch clutched his hand as he looked for any hint of an intruder. He wore a thick leather glove and his armor of the same material, worn and used, was visible through the part of his cloak.

"Yes, I'm sure," Kayla was Derek's sister, her voice was soft and meditative in tone. She was kneeling on the floor, her hands clasped together in front of her chest. Her blonde hair was tied in a ponytail, with twin locks having come loose on each side of her face and a pendant detailing a leaf hung around her neck. The robes she wore were simple, the brown fabric worn with heavy use and stained with dirt and grime. "I've checked everything three times. We have everything we were commanded to bring."

"Oh, good," Derek said, looking quickly at the burlap sack laying at his sister's side. "What do we do?"

"I'm trying to figure that out," Kayla replied, her eyes closed. "Please be patient."

Derek took a breath and began to pace between entrance. They were currently inside a cell at the end of a corridor, the iron cell doors having been rusted and fallen off their hinges. The cell was a circular room with manacles hanging from the ceiling and grates into an aqueduct were bolted into the floor, painted red with both rust and blood.

The silence inside was only broken by the sound of Derek's footsteps.

Kayla let out a calming breath and got to work. Moving almost as if she was guided by an outside force, she opened the bag and took out several bouquets of sun flowers, nightshade and other herbs, pulling their petals out and crushing the stems in her palms. She used the wet mush she made to draw a very thin circle on the floor and filled it with the petals and herbs she had procured. She reached into the sack and pulled out another, smaller sack and opened it, revealing a glowing, tear-drop shaped gem that glowed with a soft teal light. She frowned.

"Crush the mana-stone with the pommel of your dagger," Kayla said, holding out the gem to her brother.

"This took so long to get," Derek said, taking the gem from her hand with a deep frown. "Are you sure?"

"Yes," Kayla nodded. "Breaking the gem will allow us to spread it's magic to the herbs for the power needed."

"I…" Derek started with a frown.

"Derek," Kayla said, looking up at her brother with tired eyes. "Trust me. Please."

Derek thought for another second before placing his torch into a sconce mounted on the wall. He withdrew a dagger with a long, curved blade from within the folds of his cloak, with a steel ball at the other end of its hilt: the pommel. Hesitantly, he brought it up and then hit gem with the pommel of his dagger, immediately causing a large crack to appear and he winced. Again, he brought his dagger up and struck the same place, causing the mana-stone to crumble in his hand. He dropped the dagger as he snapped to hold the remains in both hands.

"I hope this was worth it," Derek said with a deep frown. "That could've purchased us a home and food for a year."

"Some things are more important," Kayla said, taking the dust reverently from her brother's hand. "Thank you. It'll be worth it. I promise."

"Are you sure it's the goddess that's guiding you?" Derek asked with a frown.

"We've had this conversation before, Derek," Kayla said with a matching look on her face. "We know she's guiding us – without her we wouldn't have even been able to get the stone from that Mages tower."

"I'm just," Derek shook his head and sighed. "Right. Sorry. Do what you need to do…this will bring someone a powerful warrior, right?"

"Yes," Kayla replied with a nod, gently spreading the glowing powder across the circle of flowers and herbs. As the dust made contact with the ingredients in the circle, the petals and flowers began to glow as the absorbed the dust. "This will summon someone who can help drive the blighted armies back."

Once she had finished spreading the mana-dust, the entire circle was glowing shades of green, yellow and violet. Kayla let out a breath and placed her hands on the green border of the circle. "I'Leria, goddess of life and nature, we have done as you have commanded. If our faith is sufficient and our supplication humble, please grant our ruined Kingdom the warrior who will turn back the blighted armies and bring the Ring of Sorcerer's to ruin, I pray this as one of your last, remaining priestesses."

The air began to swirl in the dungeon, the torch on the wall began to flicker. The shadows around them began to retreat as the circle grew brighter and brighter until the cell was filled with a blinding white light. Both Kayla and Derek immediately raised their hands to shield their eyes from the sheer brightness that was the work of their goddess. Every torch in the dungeon was swiftly lit, banishing the shadows and the moss growing in the walls began to swell in mass.

Eventually, the light faded, revealing a new figure standing in the center where the circle used to be.

"Again?" The figure shouted, throwing his arms into the air. "Oh, come on!"

He was a boy, about their age. His chestnut brown hair was short and he was clean shaven. He was wearing some sort of thin, dark-grey shirt and a pair of leggings made of a blue fabric that neither of them could place. His shoes were very well made, better than either of them had ever seen, even with the strange designs and patterns on them.

"Really?" He shouted, turning to face the siblings. Kayla was staring at him like he had grown a second head, and Derek had a hand on his dagger beneath the cloak. "This is the third time this year that this has happened!"

"I-I'm sorry if we've caused you duress," Kayla said, having found her voice. "O-our kingdom has been all but destroyed and our goddess gave us commandments to summon a warrior which can turn the tide."

"Oh, I figured it was something like that," He replied, shaking his head. "Whatever. If I'm going to help you, I want compensation."

"We used everything we had to summon you," Derek balked, stopping himself from shouting or running at him with one of his daggers.

"Please!" Kayla had gotten pale. "We're very poor, but we need your help. Save our kingdom and we'll pay any price you set. I swear it. Please!"

"I don't want compensation from you," He said with a grumpy look, the look an old man would have if his beloved wife had baked cookies but refused him some when asked. "I want it from your goddess."

Then a small pillar of green light appeared from the ceiling, highlighting his face and on the edge of the siblings hearing, they could hear whisperings from an unknown source, calm and soothing. Kayla had an awed look on her face, her eyes as wide as plates as she nearly started to cry. Derek's expression was more surprised and he tried to slink away from the room and away from the voice.

"Oh, you're going to assure me passage home," He said, placing a hand on his chest. "That automatically makes you better than the last two presumptuous deities that whisked me here for me to fix everything. Congratulations. But I'm going to need more."

There were more whisperings in the chamber.

"Well, how long am I going to be here?" He asked grumpily. His eyes widened as he got his answer. "Three months? Are you insane?"

"Please, that's my goddess you're speaking too!" Kayla looked like she was about to cry. "Why are you so angry?"

"Your goddess had you summon me here against my will to fight a war I have no interest in and I'm going to be forced to stay here for three months of my life at minimum," He glared at Kayla. "I'm just glad it's Summer and my grades aren't being threatened unlike the last couple of times where I ended up having to cram a years-worth of effort into a couple of months and barely avoided failing."

Kayla let out a distressed breath, looking at him with a forlorn look in her eyes. The light and whispers came again.

"You're not going to let me go home until the job is done?" He sighed. "Well, I'm not doing anything until I'm promised compensation."

"You're not going to help us?" Kayla asked with a whisper.

"All that effort wasted," Derek snarled, kicking the wall. "I should've known better."

The green light shined on the warrior's face one final time.

"Hey, you brought me here," He shrugged. "You should've been prepared to pay the toll my services cost. So, until you're actually willing to give me what I want, I'm just going to sit here and do nothing."

Then he sat down and a glowing, translucent blue ball appeared in his hand. He laid back on the floor and started tossing the ball into the air, only to catch it effortlessly each time before it collided with his face.

A whisper.


"…what is it you want?" Kayla asked with a deep frown.

"Ten million US Dollars," He replied gruffly. "The currency of my home world. That's in addition to the free passage back to my home world."

"How are we supposed to provide you that?" Derek asked with a nonplussed look on his face.

"You can't," He caught the ball and tossed it up again. "Your goddess can. If she won't pay me, then I think she's set the two of you up for failure."

Then the room filled with emerald light and the air swirled around in the dungeon like a twister. It carried away the glowing ball and threw it down the hall. The room was filled with rain that span and flew in the air. But still, the warrior in strange clothing simply laid down on the floor, an oval-shaped, blue bubble over him as he weathered the storm which did pass.

"Still no."

A surge of green light.

"You deserve it. You could've tried to talk to me before your followers summoned me here," More green light. "You had them summon me so clearly that's not an excuse."

Derek and Kayla's head snapped up as they heard footsteps coming from down the hall.

"Someone's here," Derek said, tightly gripping his dagger.

"Oh good, the welcoming party's here," He snarked, generating another ball and starting to toss it in the air. "I was worried there wasn't actually a threat."

"Derek?" Kayla asked, standing up.

"Over here," Derek said, pressing himself against the walls right beside the entrance to the cell. "We'll try to sneak around them."

"Good plan," The warrior replied with a nod, sounding utterly bored.

Kayla joined her brother at the wall and sure enough, five armed and armored men came into the cell, their white tabards showing the Black Crow, a facsimile of a screaming bird that was the symbol of the Ring of Sorcerer's.

"Stand up," The leader, a man with a thick, golden mustache and head covered by a mail cowl ordered, drawing his sword and pointing it at the warrior. "Are there others with you?"

The warrior chucked the orb he was juggling slightly harder than he had been, then ripped the sword out of the guard's hand by the blade and then used his bare hands to crush it from point to pommel into a small ball. He tossed the ball of crumpled metal back to the soldier right on time to catch his orb, catching it and tossing it so that it bounced off the floor, then the wall and then back to him.

Their leader looked thoroughly nonplussed. "I…uh…"

Derek motioned with his head to move, so they moved quietly around the soldiers to the hallway and slowly made their way away from the group of soldiers.

"My advice is to turn around and walk away," The warrior said with a bored look on his face. "Whatever you were hoping to accomplish here isn't worth your lives."

"Sir?" One of their subordinates asked.

The two siblings had almost made it down the hall, quietly moving.

"…we'll just say we didn't find anything," The captain of the group said. "And you better count yourself lucky we didn't have a shadow spawn leading us."

"I doubt a shadow spawn would be any more exciting than you are right now," Was the reply, the thumps of his orb bouncing off of the walls sounding through the dungeon.

"Let's go, men-" The Captain started before he began to shout. "You two! Halt in the name of the Ring!"

"Run," Derek said and the two immediately booked it, turning the corner to the right and moving forward, passing an old wooden table and chair where the dungeon's guard used to sit. The sound of clinking metal boots on the cobblestone floor echoed behind them as they got to the stairs up, running as fast as they could.

They came into the throne room, a large, wide and spacious room with the throne itself having been built out of stone and covered in vines that had grown over in the ensuing years. To the right would've been their exit, but the doors bar had been drawn and was far too large for the two of them to lift. It would take nearly five, fully grown men to lift it from its spot.

They both rapidly looked around.

"Come on!" Derek called, running forward to the stairs across from them. Kayla followed him and they went up the stairs, which wrapped around and took them to a balcony on the second floor. On their right and up the wall was a window, the glass pane having long-since been broken and dust having settled on it.

Derek's fingers quickly found purchase in the cobblestone walls and he scaled up to the window, only to cry out in pain as an arrow went straight through his hand and he dropped.

"Derek!" Kayla cried, reaching over the bannister and catching her brother by the other hand. She pulled him over the bannister and saw the soldiers had caught up, having readied their bows. Pulling her brother behind her, she opened on of the doors and came to a massive, tall, winding stair-case. Two of the soldiers had rushed across the throne room and were coming up the stairs.

She pulled him in and closed the door behind her, pulled the door bar down into its lock position. The soldiers immediately started trying to push the door open. "She's locked the door! Come, hurry up! We need to break it down!"

Kayla knew, given the doors age, that it would not hold for long.

"We need to move," Derek whimpered, holding his hand and leaking blood all over the shaft and arrow-head which had cleanly pierced right through. "We can find another room and climb out the window."

"You can't climb with an arrow through your hand," Kayla said as the two started to run up the stairs. They found a bedroom with the door opened and Kayla saw a key on the table. She seized it, shut the door and locked it before the two continued on their journey up. Their distraction complete, Kayla muttered, "Thank you, my lady goddess."

They continued up. Down below, the two heard the guards come up and try to door. "It's locked. Break it down, we can't let those tree-worshippers get away!"

They came to another room, the door also opened. Kayla ushered her brother inside and the door was mercifully quiet as she closed the door. She sighed.

"My hand," Derek was trying to hold back tears as he held his hand. "Of course, they had to get a lucky shot."

"Let me take a look at it," Kayla said kindly, taking the hand. "We need to remove the arrow."

"That's going to be noisy," Derek hissed in the pain. "It'll call them right to us."

"We may not have another choice," Kayla replied with a tender voice. "I'm going to cut one end off, pull it out and sing a healing hymn. Hopefully, the door down-stairs will give them all the distraction we need."

"R-right," Derek said, fishing into the belt tied around his waist for a rag. Before he stuffed it into his mouth, he continued. "B-be careful. I don't want any splinters getting stuck in there."

"I'll try," Kayla replied, taking a knife, the blade worn down and barely sharp at all. She placed her brother's hand on her lap and used on hand to brace the arrow into place, causing him to hiss in pain. With the other hand, he wielded the knife, slicing back and forth across the shaft to begin to slice through the wood.

Derek's cries of pain were muffled by the rag, but still there, the feeling of the arrow jittering with each back and forth sending spikes of agony through his hand.

"Sorry, I'm trying to hold it still," Kayla replied with a frown. "Almost…got it."

After several minutes of working the shaft over with the blade, it came off, and Kayla was able to pull the arrow out, causing blood to spurt out of the wound. Taking the hand in her own, Kayla softly sung a hymn, a prayer of healing to her goddess. It was only one bar, in a language that had long since died, but when she was done, the bleeding from her brother's hand had gone down considerably.

"Here, help me tie this," Kayla said, fishing out a bandage from inside her robes. Working together, the two wrapped the clothe strip tightly around Derek's hand. "Okay. Just keep the bandage there for a few days and it'll be fine."

"Assuming we even make it that long," Derek said, standing up and wiping the sweat from his brow with his wrag. "Some warrior. After all we did, now he's just sitting in the dungeon, playing with his balls."

"I…I know," Kayla said with a nod. "I'Leria cannot force a person to obey her gospel or commandments, but there must be a reason she thought he would help."

"It's almost comical," Derek said, rubbing his eyes with his good hand, laughing a desperate laugh. "After gathering those herbs from all over the kingdom, providing service to a Wizard for months to get that mana-stone and obtaining the guidance we need to create the ritual circle, and the result refuses to do anything to help us."

"But now what do we do?" Kayla asked with a frown. "You can't climb out of the tower with your hand and the guards will likely be up in this room soon."

"We try to climb out," Derek said, poking his hand and wincing. "I might die from a fall, but I think that's better than getting caught, being tortured for weeks and then dying. Less risky than trying to escape after getting caught, too."

"I…that's something to consider," Kayla began.

The door flew open and the soldiers, now looking rather ragged, sweating profusely in the face, but all brandishing sword dangerously and it was still five on two. "Finally, we've found you. You two are coming with us right now."

"First I think we should finish taking the boys hand," One of the soldiers said, a man with a thick black beard on his chin. "He's a thief, obviously, we don't want him scampering off because he picked the lock on his cuffs."

"Right. Seize them," The captain ordered and the two siblings started to rapidly back up from the on-coming guards. Only for everyone to stop as this strange roaring sound started to get louder and louder as the sound became closer.

There was a flash of blue light, and the window broke open. The warrior the two siblings had summoned in the dungeons below entered, blue and white fire roaring in twin jets on his back as he entered, only disappearing when his feet touched the ground, revealing a bright-blue orb had been created around his upper torso.

"Alright, I'm going to repeat what I said back in the dungeon," He said, raising his hand, where he held a bright blue orb. He was wearing a strange black outfit that fit his form, the metallic cuffs on his gloves and boots a deep blue, just like the trimmings on his outfit. "Turn around and walk away. You didn't see anything and you can leave with your lives."

"…you changed your mind?" Kayla asked with hope in her eyes.

"I got my compensation," He replied, creating a large barrier, similar to his orbs, that separated the siblings from the footmen. "So, what's it going to be?"

"Uh…sir," One of the footmen said. "I don't think fighting him is a good idea."

"Oh. That man deserves to be promoted," The warrior said with a nod. "He has smarts."

The captain was quiet, eyes shifting between the siblings and the Warrior as he internally deliberated. "Men, if we let them go, you know what K'therial would do to us."

The Warrior tilted his head. "That's a shadow spawn?"

"No, a Sorcerer," The captain replied, drawing a dagger, given how his sword was a crumpled-up ball in the dungeon. "Placed in charge of Castle Malavor two leagues to the west. I'd rather chance an honorable death than to be a wretch in life."

"And if I dealt with this Sorcerer, would you be able to flee?" The Warrior asked.

"Flee? There's nowhere to go," The captain said with a chuckle. "Your generosity is appreciated, at least."

"Then let me ask you your name," The Warrior said.

"Captain Ryan Irons," The Captain said with a nod.

"And you were sent to this castle why?" The Warrior asked with a frown. "It's a wreck, a husk. There's literally nothing valuable here."

Behind the warrior's wall, Derek was looking for a way out. Upon looking out the window, and seeing the dizzying height and the state of his hand, he backed away from the window with a shake of his hand. Kayla was clutching her pendent, her eyes closed as she prayed for a good outcome.

"A ranger saw those two arrive here," Captain Irons replied. "We were ordered to bring the two alive if at all possible. He seemed to think she was a priestess of I'Leria. Given the circle we saw in the dungeons, I think he was right."

"He was," The warrior replied.

"Now what's your name, warrior?" Captain Iron's asked.

"My name is Matthew Williams," He finally introduced himself.

"Is that all?" Captain Irons asked with a slight smile. "No titles?"

"Well, technically, it's Matthew Williams, Shield of the Falling Star, Demigod of the Eternal Wall, Warden of Light and Defender of Man," Matthew said with an exaggerated voice of sarcastic important and a shrug. "My personal favorite title is Matt, though."

"Indeed," Captain Irons blinked. "Forgive me, but I've never heard of you."

"I'm not from this world," Matt replied. " I wouldn't worry about it. So, now that you've bought time and your men have caught their breath, are you sure you want to fight? Pretty sure you can just say that you did a full search of the castle and came up with nothing."

"I…" Captain Irons began, looking out the window. "Look, if you swear that you'll never go to Castle Malavor or its surrounding townships, sure. We'll let you go."

"Captain," One of the soldiers said, clean shaven and his curly, bushy black hair sticking out of his cowl. "We can't stain our honor!"

"There is no shame in backing down from a fight we can't win, Dawson," Captain Irons replied with a frown. "And there is no honor or glory in fighting for a sorcerer."

"…yes, Captain," The soldier Dawson replied, looking wholly displeased with the situation.

Matt turned to the siblings. "There is a route we can take to our destination that doesn't go anywhere near the Castle he was talking about, right?"

"Yeah," Derek said with a frown. "It'll be a while before we can restock our supplies, I guess, but yes."

"Good," Matt replied, turning back to the guards. "Alright, I swear we will not go anywhere near Castle Malavor or any of its surrounding townships in exchange for you leaving and telling everyone you didn't find anything. Now, if there's nothing else, you can leave in peace."

"Come on men," Captain Irons said, turning around in his spot. "Remember, we searched the castle and didn't find anything."

"But the sorcerer has magic," Dawson said. "He could be watching."

"I don't feel anything. There was also a great bit of dimensional magic that was performed here," Matt shrugged and frowned thoughtfully. "You could say the two you were looking for escaped in a portal…you know, if you know enough about magic to say that without coming off like a liar."

"We'll…consider it," Captain Irons said. "Now unless anyone feels like throwing themselves on his sword, we're moving out."

One by one, the footmen with varying degrees of dissatisfaction and relief on their faces, left through the door and began running down the stairs.

Matt sighed and turned to look at the two siblings. "Your goddess and I have come to an agreement. I take you with me as I go to remove the Ring of Sorcerer's from power, then bring you back and I get my money and trip home. Now you have me at a disadvantage; if you wouldn't mind introducing yourselves?"

Kayla cleared her throats. "I am Kayla Pinetouch, Priestess of I'Leria and this is my brother, Derek Pinetouch."

"Nice to meet you both," Matt nodded toward both of them in sequence. "So, first things first. I'Leria, what are the tenants of her faith?"

"Oh," Kayla's eyes went wide and a smile grew on her face. "Well, she is goddess of Life, Nature and Agriculture. She blesses the fields of our crops and ground of our cities, allowing us to get food from the ground and shelter for our heads."

"She blesses cities," Matt said, both of his eyebrows raising. "Interesting. I actually haven't seen that before."

"It's the nature of man to be social and to invent," Kayla replied with a smile. "So, she blesses us for following our natures."

"Does she care much about how these cities are run?" Matt asked with a frown.

"The Gospel of I'Leria preaches that hard work, honesty and intelligence are the bedrocks of a healthy society," Kayla nodded, still smiling. "Lying, refusing to think or indulging in laziness is a perversion of our natures, so-"

"Ah, that's enough," Matt raised a hand. "Thank you, that's what I was looking for, I wanted to make sure I wasn't dealing with a trickster deity that was going to cheat me out of my pay."

"Oh," Kayla frowned and her form slumped slightly. "Alright. I suppose that makes sense. So were all those titles real?"

"I get pulled to save worlds fairly often," Matt replied, folding his arms behind his back. "As I said, this is the third time this year. It started when I was fourteen, and I've had to start charging or else my future on my home world would be screwed."

"I can see why you'd be annoyed," Derek replied with a glare. "But seriously, we put a lot of work into bringing you here. I got an arrow in my hand because you didn't help earlier."

"And I'm about to put a lot of work putting your kingdom here back together," Matt replied with a raised eyebrow. "Your goddess wanted me to do that for free, which is…no. I am sorry about the arrow, though. Is there healing magic here?"

"I have healing hymns, yes," Kayla replied, brushing one of her loose bangs out of her face.

"Good," Matt nodded.

"Where'd you get that outfit?" Derek asked with a frown. "You didn't have anywhere to keep it."

"It's armor that's bound to my soul," Matt explained with a neutral expression. "It goes where I go."

"Fascinating," Kayla said. "Well. What are we to do now…Matt?"

"First things first," Matt replied. "How far is this 'Tower of Magic' that I'm apparently going to be storming and what did this Ring of Sorcerer's do to destroy the kingdom?"

"The Tower of Magic's all the way in the Paraka Desert," Derek explained with a glare. "That's over 1000 leagues away."

"League…league," Matt's face scrunched up in thought. "How long is a league… A league is…oh great. I can see why I'Leria wanted to keep me around for so long."

"It's very far," Kayla replied with a nod.

"Okay and why does your goddess want them dead?" Matt asked.

"They've summoned creatures from the shadow realm that blight the ground with every step they take on the surface of the world," Kayla replied with a serious. "They've crushed numerous kingdoms and people everywhere are starving because the farmland has died and nothing will grow. The only way to get food anymore is to become the Ring's slave and have them feed you. Sometimes."

"That makes sense," Matt nodded. "Okay, well. Normally, I'd fly over there, your goddess specifically wanted the two of you along for the ride so I can protect you both. So, we're heading there by foot. Or carriage. Whatever you use for transportation. How's our supplies?"

"We have enough for three more days of travel," Derek replied. "After that, we'll need to hunt if we want meat since we're apparently not going anywhere near town. Unless you're a trickster demigod?"

"I'm not even sure I am a demigod," Matt shrugged. "It's just what they call me. But yeah, trickster is not in my portfolio."

"I'Leria will provide extra food where we need it," Kayla offered with a smile. "She's watched over us constantly since we've begun our mission."

"I should hope so," Matt frowned. "I think we should move out, we've given everyone enough time to clear out and report. Do you two know of a discrete way out?"

"We can find one," Derek glared. "So don't worry."

"Good," Matt nodded.

"Let's go, the journey awaits!" Kayla said with a smile, rushing out the door.

Matt made a move to follow, before Derek placed his good hand on his shoulder. "Just a moment, Matt."

"What is it?" Matt asked with a frown.

"Look, I can appreciate that you need payment for what you're doing," Derek said. Then he pointed a finger at Matt's face. "But mark my words, demigod or no demigod, if you double cross us or cause my sister to come to harm in any way, I will kill you. Do you understand?"

Matt stood there, regarding the thief for a moment, a smile slowly breaking out across his face. "I like you, you've got guts. But yeah, I understand."

"Good," Derek snarled, gesturing toward the door. "After you."

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