The Little Heart

The little young heart just wanted to play.

It wanted to express itself, hold all the darkness at bay.

It would laugh, cry, dance, and sing,

Feeling nothing but contentment in all of these things.

It stayed like this for many years,

Feeling joy, and pushing through all its' fears.

But one day, trouble began to brew,

And all the hurt and pain broke the little heart in two.

Loneliness came first, making the heart feel alone,

Like it had no love, and nowhere to call home.

Then came fear of what others think,

The thought of being disliked made the little heart sink.

A torrent of emotions came, pushing the heart down,

Making it feel helpless and like it was going to drown.

And while it was left to try and heal,

Darkness came in and took the wheel.

It imprisoned the heart, and threw away the key,

Leaving the heart unable to express who it wanted to be.

The heart cried, and it fought,

But eventually grew hopeless, and decided to stop.

It didn't dare show how it truly felt,

For the darkness told it that ignorance was how all problems were dealt.

The heart was trapped, with no hope of escape,

Knowing no hero would come rushing in wearing a cape.

The heart was alone, without anyone to trust,

And its' personality began to rust.

The little young heart just wanted to play,

But it couldn't save itself, or keep the darkness away.