War for the Found

War, war, war, raging everywhere.

But no man seems to notice, and they don't seem to care.

But still the war goes on.

Clashing and clanging until one side is gone.

This is a fight that has gone on for ages,

One that allowed humanity not to pay all their overdue wages.

The heavenly beings fight to protect them, to keep the darkness away,

So that they can be close to God, and feel comfortable and safe.

Of course, there have been casualties, a break in the wall.

Causing an unaware human to stumble and fall.

An arrow pierces their heart, a wound unseen,

But suddenly, the world feels wrong to them, as if everything is not as it seems.

There is nothing the warriors can do to help this poor soul,

Except wait, and hope he doesn't lose sight of the ultimate goal.

They can shield him, yes,

But they must abandon the rest.

For only with this man's acceptance can this arrow be freed,

And from there only the Most Holy can complete the deed.

It is only by His will that the man's heart can be fixed,

For anyone else's efforts may be temporary, but overall nixed.

Sometimes, a man may be struck by more than one arrow.

Time after time, all sinking deep into the marrow.

It hurts, and they all leave lasting scars.

It can make him feel like salvation is just too far.

But that is the poison on the enemy's blade,

That can cause illness of the body and mind, and make the soul fade.

It's difficult to cure, and often never leaves,

It often just has to be treated, overcome, until it cannot be seen.

It's the cause of all darkness in men,

The seed of bad thoughts, the origin of sin.

It's where evil thoughts and ideas come from, and where they go,

Making man fall, and feel very alone.

But there's hope, in years to come.

For this battle has long been already won.