Message From Someone

I see you there, under the lies you hide behind.

Under the smiles, under the laughter,

Cowering behind the repeated insistence of "I'm fine."

You've locked your soul away,

An action that has a large price to pay.

You're killing your joy,

You faking it all so that you won't be considered weird,

So that you won't annoy.

You've hidden your true face behind a foundation of lies.

You think people will like you more if you stay in disguise.

But is that really true?

Is that all you ever want to do?

Follow the crowd, begin nothing new?

Forever hide behind your lies,

Always be fake?

Never take any chances to mess up,

To make a mistake?

Do you really want to stand by when you could change the world?

Do you really want to stay in line, when you don't have any peace of mind?

Are you just going to let your spirit die?

Let it wither in the dark,

Somewhere so deep you make never hear its cry?

Do you want to lose your passion,

Your faith?

Because truly, my friend,

You are making a grave mistake.

Why hide your love,

And push out your joy?

Why would you not want to spend your life doing what you enjoy?

Yes, there are risks,

There always are,

And some of the choices you make can leave lasting scars,

But don't just stop!

People may hate you, may despise you,

And things will be tough.

Keep going!

I know you hate what you see within,

You're terrified of the darkness that comes from your mistakes,

Thinking that it will scare away any possible friends,

You fear being seen as a freak for what you've done to yourself,

For all the marks you made in your mind and on your skin.

You don't want them to see you as helpless,

Or just full of sin,

You don't want to be a "project" they work on,

One they bend and twist,

Until it fits the shape of their mold,

Heck, that's happened before,

And it's starting to get real old.

You want them to see you for who you are,

To love your mistakes,

To help you heal your scars,

But you can't do any of this unless they see your face.

You've kept it securely hidden behind a wall of disgrace.

You've fooled them all,

They all believe that you're fine,

That there's nothing to see,

You have to take that disguise off if you want to be free!

So do it!

Smile, laugh, and sing!
Let your joys, your passion, your desires take wing!

Stop running away from every little difficult thing!

Show everyone who you are,

Let the world know that you aren't just a shell of scars,

Show them your heart,

Take a chance,

Don't be afraid to give the difficult things a second glance,

And when you're done,

When you lose energy,

Lose hope,

I'll be waiting here,

Always ready to help you cope.

I'll look at you, see you broken, at your wits end.

And I'll push you back up again, my friend.