The ship rocked on the waves, surrounded by an illusion masking it as a simple trade ship as it sat in New Port's harbor. Boasting three sails, and two full rows of fireball cannons on port and starboard side, it was a fast and fleet vessel, one of the best of its kind.

In the Captain's cabin, within the luxury of walnut paneled walls, sat Captain Stalman Friel Insanity, and his brother, Counciluluar Crownty Insanity.

Stalman Friel leaned forward in his chair behind the polished wood of his desk and poured rich red wine from its bottle into a goblet encrusted with gems. He sat back, sipped the liquid, appreciating its smooth, flavorful texture, before he looked up at his impatient brother, crossing one leg across his knee while the other foot tapped the floor in its heeled leather boots.

"A high price, you say," he said. "How high a price?"

"Skull Island's arena will pay no less then six thousand a piece," Counciluluar said, leaning his gloved hands on the desk, his eyes gleaming.

Stalman Friel's arching black eyebrows rose in disgust. "Six thousand?"

"Nobles," Counciluluar said.

Stalman Friel's boot paused in its tapping against the floor as if to register the surprise his face did not show before his heel went back to its familiar rhythm.

Counciluluar pounced on the opportunity before it could slip away. "You are tempted, brother mine. And I can see the wheels of your mind turning now."

"We would have to find a buyer," Stalman Friel said slowly, putting down his wine cup and leaning forward to place his elbows on the desk. "And no doubt your little plan will cost a few thousand lions . . ."

"Ah yes, but the money we will earn selling the Sinafeys will be more then enough to cover the costs," Counciluluar argued, with an eager gleam in his eyes. "I think we both have the same idea of a prospective buyer."

"Skull Island," Stalman said, a smile spreading across his lips. It turned into a smirk. "Home of the greatest arena in the world."

"And you have supplied the owner with slaves to fight in the pit before," Counciluluar said. "They have been paltry, lasting a few months and bringing the arena little money. But the Sinafeys will bring it a lifetime of profit, and your contact will know it as soon as he sets eyes on the six drow."

"I know you have bone to pick with them," Stalman said, sitting back in his chair. "They are powerful, Counciluluar. We both know it after the news of their deed in Dreant providence went out. If this lust for revenge destroys us, it will be on you, and I will throw you to the mercies of the sea! See if it spares you!"

"I have a plan," Counciluluar said. "And I assure you Kiowa and his brothers will walk right into it."

"Tell me," said Stalman.