Goodbye Kiss

There is a woman every minute looking outside of a window glass.

Pacing back and forth anxiously inside her house while waiting patiently for her husband to come home.

It's getting late, yet she's still awake. Even the soft tickling sound of the clock hanging on the wall. It seems like eternity for her while waiting for him to come home.

Even though she has to stay in her bed now, so she can get some sleep and rest now.

She doesn't want it not now because she's not used waiting for him to come home this late hours.

She will wait for him no matter how long.

Just to make sure her lover was safe while coming home.

Where are you? Darling where are you?

I felt so lonely and empty even only for a second without you.

I hope you are okay and always praying to God to make sure your day always safe.

12:00 midnight struck on the clock, but still there's no him came inside the house.

Because every time he came home, he walked in silence but full of excitement.

Just to see her loving wife who was also lovely just like the moonlight and embrace her so tight then

showering her face with passionate kisses.

Every time he seen her smile, her beautiful face, her loving arms and her caring heart. He can do anything. He will do anything and give her everything. To make her happy. To show how much he cared and loved her deeply.

All worries and troubles fades away.

Every time he saw her that way.

She makes his day wonderful, contented and happy.

She heard a familiar soft voice, too soft like a whisper, yet so warm and gentle.

All of her fears and anxiety gone, when she heard it she wanted to cry, but dare not to cry.

She doesn't want him to see her like a fragile doll.

She doesn't know why.

Maybe because she just missed him so much.

She just love and missed hearing him calling her name like that with love and passion.

Hoping they will stay together always and forever.

I love you.

Even in a million times.

I will say it out loud to you.

To the world or everyone.

I will always be here.

Forever in your heart.

Always remember.

I love you so much.

He kissed her lips.