All characters are fictional.

" Forever Immortal, Never the tyrant, he will never be forgotten."

I read the words inscribed over the small piece of stone, which was attached to the entrance gate. My long brown hair twirled in the light breeze. The Egyptian alphabet translation was one of the easy parts of my job, and I loved it.

The problem was, I never had to work with a partner before, and now, when Emmeline stood behind her, reading her map, I decided that I didn't like working in pairs.

"Professor?" She called out, folding her map and putting it in her pocket. Her brown eyes adorned a cheerful visage. "What does it say?" She pointed at the words I had read a second before.
I repeated her words, though irritated.

"So , should we enter?"

" We have too. I want to. You need to."

Emmeline smirked. "Tough times."

I scanned the barren environment for the last time.

"Let's go."

I pushed the stone gates ajar. It was dark. I kneeled and un-hoisted my bagpack, from which I pulled out a flashlight and a gun, which I hid in the hem of my waist, near my pocket knife. Emmeline repeated the process.

I entered the dark hallway.

It smelled. And it wasn't nice. Dust covered the scenery, and my flashlight did all it could to freak us out. Exactly what a flashlight does. Give chills to the user.

I neared a small table. I called it a table, as it could be used as one; it didn't look anything near a table. Patches of papyrus lay in ruins, covering the table. I picked it up and observed it. None of the words were readable.

I put it back.

"Professor!" Emmeline called for me.

I flinched.

"Keep it down!"
"I am sorry!" She lamented, even louder than before," but you wouldn't like to miss this!"

I took a deep breath and prayed for patience.

Emmeline pointed to a deep hole in the middle of the room.

"Where did this come from?!" I exclaimed, becoming the louder one.

"It was covered well."

"I was going to inspect it." I said, rather truthfully," But we better inspect the hall, before we go to hug gravity."

I turned my back to her and began reading the writings on the walls.


I blinked.

"The loyal will protect the tomb forever!'

"Raiders and thieves shall suffer his wrath!"

"You shall wish to die, rather than walk in."

I smirked, all I wished for was a nice burger and sleep.

"His secrets are taken to the grave."

"uhuh." I muttered and took out my water bottle. I began to sip the refreshing water, as I read the last note.

"His undead army has followed."

I choked on the last sip of water.

"What?" Emmeline inquired.

"Neheb's army..." I thought.

"What?" Emmeline asked again, bit hurriedly.

I stayed silent, wondering if this would be my last job.