Power play


I still remember the day I met him. It was my first day in a strange school. None of the children from my orphanage attended this school. I was sitting in class, bored out of my mind even though the teacher hadn't even arrived yet.

People stared at me and whispered behind their hands but I had learned long ago to block out the whispers. I was more interested in the view outside the window, where gloomy rain fell from a dark sky which reminded me of a soup stirring in a pot. Waiting. Waiting to boil and unleash its fury in all its glory.

But my thoughts were broken by him. He walked into class with his bag slung on his shoulder and a smirk playing on his lips. It was as if I had gotten tunnel vision.

I could see him and only him.

His every move exuded swagger and confidence. How he winked at the cheerleaders. How he fist-bumped the footballers. She also noticed how people looked up to him and awe and sometimes in jealousy as he attracted quite a crowd around him.

He was the one.

He must be…

He is perfect.

He is the person I am going to kill.

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