The Weed Bully

One day, Billy was playing at the park, and then he saw a strange, smelly leaf sitting alone on the swings. He looked lonely.

"Who are you?" Billy asked "I'm Zeke!" The leaf said, "You wanna be my friend? I can calm you down and show you things that you can't see without me!"

"Well, I don't have much time today, but can you come to school with me tommorow?" Billy asked, "No," Zeke said, "I'm not allowed at school, you'll have to help me sneak in if you want me to come to school."

Billy took Zeke home that night for a sleepover. On the way there, a man tried to roll Zeke up in a piece of paper and light him on fire. "Let go of my friend!" Billy said. The man laughed and called Billy clueless before leaving.

"What was that about?" Billy said to Zeke, "People are always trying to do that to me. It's because of all the great things I'm going to give to you. Try not to lose me."

The next day at school, Billy found Zeke hiding with two other men, one of them was sleeping and the other was laughing out loud at nothing in particular. "Okay buddy," Zeke said, "Meet me out here during recess." "Okay!" Said Billy as he went inside the school.

"Hey Billy," Billy's friend John said, "My Mom drove past the park you were at yesterday evening, and I wanted to know, were you hanging out with Zeke?" "Yes" said Billy, "Do you know him?" "My Brother used to be friends with him."

"Kevin knew Zeke?" Billy asked "Yes he did" said John, "He took all of his money, made him lazy and got him in trouble with the police. He also hurt his grades and gave him strange health problems. If I were you, I wouldn't hang out with him."

At recess, Billy went outside to where Zeke was, and said "Zeke, I know what you did with Kevin. Your promises aren't true, and I don't want any trouble. Goodbye." And then he turned around and walked off to go play with John.