Chapter 8

It was a quiet ride back to Mt. Griffin. Max and Ms. Dana were both exhausted from the emotions of the day and the week. There didn't seem to be anything left to say and Max wondered if this was the last of their interaction now that the last accident victim had been laid to rest. Would Monday revert back to the Status Quo with the only difference being three empty desks in the various classrooms?

Max pulled the car into Ms. Dana's driveway. The rain hadn't let up at all.

"What a shit day," Ms. Dana observed as they watched the water beading on the windshield, swept away with each brush of the wiper.

"It was a shit week," Max concurred.

"Would you like some coffee?" She asked.

Max was surprised by the invitation. He assumed she had enough of him and that she wanted to move on now in order to forget about the shit week which would mean forgetting about him too.

"Warm up from the rain," she explained.

"Sounds good," Max said pleasantly.

He turned off the car and they ran in unison to the cabin, not bothering with the umbrellas. Max followed Ms. Dana inside. The cabin's interior was relatively small but attractive and impressively decorated.

Suddenly and quite unexpectedly, Ms. Dana leaned into him as they stood by the door and she kissed him on the mouth. All Max knew was that his mouth was on hers after that and they were kissing intensely, their mouths moving in hungered anticipation and want. He pulled her into him and held her close as they made out.

Ms. Dana broke away from him just as suddenly and Max looked at her with confusion.

"Coffee?" He wondered.

"That's not touchy-feely enough," she whispered into his mouth while wrapping her arms around his neck.

He smiled seductively. "Would you like to be touchy-feely together?"

"Yes," she said desperately as her fingers fumbled with his belt.

They kissed some more and Max unzipped the back of Ms. Dana's black funeral dress which she allowed to fall to the floor with ease, leaving her in a lacy black bra and panties as she proceeded to kick off her shoes and peel down her tights even as she continued with Max's belt buckle. She pulled him to the floor as his pants fell down his legs. He threw off his suit coat and Ms. Dana unfastened his tie and started unbuttoning his shirt.

Max instinctively buried his face in her neck, breathing in the scent of her hair and she groaned as she grounded her hips against his. He rubbed his hands along the smoothness of her ribs and up to the softness of her bra.

"I want the touchy-feely feeling," Ms. Dana whimpered. "Please help me."

"I will," he quietly promised.

She pulled her panties down her legs while Max removed his underwear and soon her bra was gone too and they were both naked on her carpeted living room floor.

"I don't want to think," She said. "I just want to feel."

"Touchy-feely," Max said.

Ms. Dana rocked underneath him as he kissed her once again. Her eyes were watering from the varied emotions of the moment and the day.

"Help me stop thinking about her," Ms. Dana pleaded.

They made love as Ms. Dana stared into his eyes, her hips rocking to cause sensations Max hadn't felt in a long time. He slid his hands underneath her ass and lifted her off the carpet for better entry and motion.

"Touchy-feely," she whimpered, her mouth frozen open in a Giant O.

"Touchy feely," Max confirmed as he kissed her O'ed mouth, her hips continuing to rock back and forth, her back arching.

Ms. Dana wrapped her legs around his waist and pulled him closer to her. Her breathing became ragged as she rocked her hips in unison with his thrusts as she climbed toward her peak. Max continued kissing her as his hands gripped the buns of her ass and he rammed into her swaying hips.

"Touchy feely, touchy feely," she sobbed.

Then she stiffened and Max felt her body shake.

"Touchy feely, touchy feely," she squealed as she orgasmed, still rocking her hips into him to extend his pleasure which he soon experienced too and when it was over he fell off of her and they lay side by side on their backs staring up at the ceiling trying to collect their breaths. Ms. Dana's breasts heaved from the work out.

Max held her hand while Ms. Dana softly sobbed one last time for Margie.

"I want to be touchy feely with you all the time," He told her.

"Okay," she agreed. "It appears you have activated my emotions chip."

Max laughed and kissed her again.