March 21st: the first day of spring
The bitter cold of winter's embrace finally melts away
Earth's inhabitants let out a sigh of relief
As the once frozen buds begin to bloom.

March 21st: the day of the ram's birth
Her cries echo loudly as the breeze passes along the sweet scent of nectar
The sun is shining bright and the birds are chirping
Even so small, the ram's presence is strong.

Little ram head dives into all of life's struggles
Emerging victorious every time
Her aura commands respect and attention
She's a naturally born leader.

Little ram is quick to react, yet easily forgives
She's unmoving and stubborn, but also kind and loving
She holds loyalty above all else
And values family and friendships dearly.

Now she's a big ram
Completely confident in herself and her abilities
She guides me through life based off of her experiences
Her internal fire lights up my night sky.

The headstrong ram is gentle and patient
As she coaxes me, the shy crab, out of my shell
To experience life at its fullest
And to never be bitter or cold.

Mighty Ares is a strong and just leader
But also a dedicated mother
Her love and protection both shield and reassure me
Of my self worth.