A/N: Please forgive me for any grammatical mistakes or any mistakes because this story is 3 years old - when I started to write story.

"So, he's late," said Hugh. He was sitting cross-legged with his elbow leaned on the top of his thigh and his chin placed on top of his palm.

Lily agreed, nodding her head. She was sitting on a box beside Hugh. "Ah, yes. He is."

"He was the one called us here, but he is the one that is late," said Julia. A scowl on her face and her arms were crossed on her chest. She was standing behind Helena.

"That's right. Very unacceptable," said Helena monotonously. She was sitting beside William on his right side, picking dirt under her nails.

William frowned. He looked at his friends, questions in his eyes. "Then, does anyone know why he gathers us here at this early morning? I should still be sleeping right now if he did not call and said it's important. Plus, I need to catch up my sleep." He was sitting between Helena and Hugh.

"Why? Late gaming again?" Julia asked.

"No. Finishing up our homework this week." William sighed. "This week sure has a lot of homework."

"Oh... Well, I ask him why and all he said is he has something mysterious that he wants to show us," Helena answered, looking up from her nails.

"Oh..." The others said.

Silence for a moment. Suddenly, Hugh breaking the silence. "Oh! He didn't come to school yesterday, right? Do you think that mysterious thing has anything to do with the reason he didn't come to school?" He asked, looking at his friends.

Julia sat beside Helena and replied. "Hmm... He had said something about his grandfather's will. So, maybe it has."

"Well, we have just to wait for him if we want to know." Lily shrugged.

Sebastian came running before stopping beside the group. His hands on his knees, puffing out for air. "Guys! Sorry, I'm late. I have to send my sister to my late grandfather's house first before coming here. So, that's why I'm late," said Sebastian as he gulping for more air.

Lily waved her hand dismissively. "It doesn't matter as long as you are here already."

"So, what is it that is so important that I have to cut my sleep to come here?" William asked as Sebastian sat down beside Lily.

"Ah. Sorry. Well, as you know, yesterday I didn't come to school because I have to be there for my grandfather's will. Let me tell you, it is so boring to hear the will even though I am impressed with my late grandfather's richness. He's sure had a lot of money," answered Sebastian, eyes glazed in thought.

"Alright, alright enough with your impression of your late grandfather's richness and whatsoever. We all know that your late grandfather was a rich person. As we are all also the heir or heiress to the rich people. So, just get on with it," said William irritably.

"Oh. Sorry, sorry. Umm... Where was I? Ah, yes, the will. Okay. Well, at first nothing unusual about the will or the property. But then, when it came to me, a card was given to me with a few of my grandfather's estate and property," Sebastian continue his story.

"A card? There is nothing mysterious about that," Hugh frowned.

"Well, of course, there's nothing mysterious about that if this is the usual things. But this is not. Because the card that I received belong to the past. I am sure about that," replied Sebastian.

"Belong to the past? What do you mean by that?" Julia asked curiously, leaning slightly forward.

"You know, that one card we have seen in that old book when we were in my grandfather's study room 5 years ago?" Sebastian asked and the others nodded. "The card was like that."

"Do you bring it?" Helena piped in.

"Ah yes. I bring it. Here." He brought out a card from his pocket and gave it to Helena. Hugh and Lily quickly stood up and rushed toward Helena. They looked at the card from behind her.

"Oh? There's a poem written here," exclaimed Helena, her eyebrows raised.

"That's not a poem. It's a riddle," William interjected. His eyes skimming the card down on the card Helena was holding.

"Eh? How do you know that?" Sebastian asked, surprised.

William answered and pointed to the card. "Well, it's written in the drawing beside the riddle. But it is written in symbols so anyone who doesn't know the meaning of the symbols wouldn't know what it says."

"You're right. It's the symbols his grandfather taught us when we were little. The symbols we use it as a communication between us now," said Lily.

"And I didn't notice it because it looks like some bad drawing rather than symbols. But why he used symbols to tell it's a riddle than writing it?" Sebastian frowned slightly.

"Maybe because he doesn't want anyone knows what is it if someone read it," replied Hugh, looking at Sebastian.

"It seems to me he wanted us to find something that he hid," William said, taking the card from Helena.

"So, if we want that thing, we have to crack this riddle?" Julia asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Wow! It's an adventure!" Hugh exclaimed. He had straightened up from his kneeling position. Lily beside him, still kneeling.

"Where Mars and Venus lies,

Awakened in their own world,

As The Tempest stands,

Watching the slumber couple," William recited.

William looked at his friends and asked. "So, that's the riddle. Any ideas?"

"Well, you know, Mars is another name for the Greek god, Ares while Venus is another name for the Greek goddess, Aphrodite. Well, in Greek culture, these Greek god and goddess are lovers. If we apply this knowledge to your grandfather life, it will indicate the thing is in the hand of a married couple," Julia told them, her index finger on her chin.

"And the next line is awakened in their own world. I would like to say the line said they are awake in their dream because I can only think about their own world refers to daydream or the dream when we are sleeping," Lily said.

"So, you said awakened in their dreams is the most likely the meaning just because of the last line of the riddle. Watching the slumber couple. Slumber means sleep, right?" Sebastian said, sitting up straight.

"So, that is done. The third line is the most confusing one. What 'as The Tempest stands' means? And why the tempest is in capital letter? Doesn't tempest means storm?" Hugh asked.

"Hmm... I think we keep in view first. Now, we must go to his late grandfather's house. It says here that the thing is in that mansion. We must search the thing at the place where one can sleep," William said, standing up.