"Woah! What is this place? It has a lot of weird things here," Hugh exclaimed, looking around the room with amazement in his eyes.

"The Heritage of Malaysia?" Helena said, looking at the title of one of the books on the bookshelf. "Malaysia? Where was that? I haven't heard it before."

"Stella? What's going on?" Sebastian asked, looking at his sister who was picking up something white from a table before walked back towards him.

Stella gave the thing to Sebastian. "Here. Read this."

Sebastian looked down and saw the thing was a letter. He took it and reach the name of the sender in front of the letter. "A letter from Grandpa? 'Dear Sebastian, by the time you read this, I am not here in this world anymore.'

Maybe I was killed. Maybe I died from an illness. But then, it is not important how I died. The important thing right now is how to explain to you about the place where you are right now. I guess Stella is there too, giving you this letter. Along with your friends, of course. First thing first. I owe you my apology. I am sorry that I didn't tell you this when I'm alive. I am sorry that I told Stella about this before you. I am sorry about everything. I hope you forgive me.

Sebastian, the place where you are right now is an underground of the mansion. Your great-grandfather includes it in the plan when he built the mansion. 60 years ago, it is just a safe place for emergency only. But because of the war, the place has become a meeting and safe place. You have learned about the war in your history class, Sebastian. But, the facts in your history book is far from the truth. The Malaya does not take the Queendom as their territory. It is the opposite. In fact, the Queendom is a name after the Malaya had lost. Before the war, this country's name is Malaysia. It will be a very long letter if I told you the whole story here, so, I will leave it to Stella to tell you.

My dear grandchild, Stella know about this is because I made a mistake. I didn't close the door properly, so, Stella saw me came back from the underground. I didn't have any choice but tell her the whole story. You know who Stella is, don't you, Sebastian? Stella is the sliest person I ever knew. But because of her personality, I trust her with my secret. And now, I have my trust on you and your friends to keep the secret to yourself.

Sebastian, promise me that you will learn all about Malaysian's history. A war has happened long before Malaysia was forced to become a new country with the name of Queendom. And it happened again just because someone doesn't learn their history. Promise me, Sebastian.

Now, this is the end. I don't have much space left to write. I apologize again for everything. I hope you are able to forgive me. Farewell, my resilient grandchild. I hope we can meet again. With lots of hopes, your Grandpa. P/s: I forgot to tell you. You are now the leader of The Malaya," Sebastian finished.

"The Malaya?" Hugh frowned.

"An organization to get back Malaysia," Stella answered.

Julia looked at Sebastian and asked, raising an eyebrow. "So, what now, Sebastian?"

"Huh?" Sebastian asked distractedly, still looking at the letter in his hands.

"What now? Will you learn about The Malaya and accept the position of a leader? Or will you ignore it and refuse the position but keep the secret?" William asked this time.

"How about you guys?" Sebastian asked, his eyebrows raised.

"That depends on your decision." Helena shrugged. "We will help you if you accept it."

"If you refuse, we will not join the organization but we will keep the secret," Lily continued.

"It's your decision, brother," Stella said. Her gaze was indifferent.

Sebastian mulled over his decision. After a few minutes, he looked back at all his friends, a determination in his eyes and said. "I accept."

And so, their adventure has become more than just an ordinary adventure. How does this story end? Will they succeed in getting back Malaysia? Or will The Queendom learn about The Malaya and ban the organization? Well, you just have to use your imagination then. Because the end is a subjective question.