Like whistles of a Novice

March 19, 2018, Delhi

Like secret diaries of many, this book gets those secrets out!


"The Diary of a Novice Author" is a potpourri of poetic stories and poems that say stories… These stories get you to imagine them with open eyes while reading. It brings you close to what you may have fantasized one day and lived another.

The author is extremely happy with the imperfections, flaws, rawness and the touch of reality in the book for it allows his thoughts to be read unedited by anyone who just wants to rekindle with what's deep inside. The author allows his desire, to travel various places, to influence the locations that some of the stories are based on.

To some readers, it may seem like a flashback or erotic dose and to some it could take them to the journey along with the author that he took while he penned this down.

The book has everything: PAIN…LOVE…SEX… ROMANCE…TABOOS…SILENCE…FLIRT…SPIRITUAL … DRAMA and REFLECTION… anything that brings mirror for a lot of them who have been parking it out all along .

Enjoy these emotions like a novice!

You can begin writing your diaries by writing to the author waroonspeaks .

Click here to open the diary. (Like of URL for ordering)

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