Just friends
I hit you up when no one else is around.
'It means nothing, babe'
I needed company.
Just friends
Turns out, my other friends are flakes.
I should have bought cereal
And ate it dry
off a cold, metal spoon
But I call you to share.
Just friends
Trying not to notice your excitement
at my casual crass and perversion
As I overlook the cupping of your hands
In your lap.
Just friends
You say I'm your best friend
Yet I snuff out the pheremones
And subtle scent of fresh cologne
Each time we hang out.
Just friends
It's late summer and
A chill flirts with the humid air.
I complain of the cold
"Here, have my jacket".
Just friends
I've been drinking
And I'm throwing you
Suggestive glances between thick lashes
And bedroom expressions while I hold my coy.
Just friends
I remember my ex said I had fuck me eyes
And I wonder if you notice
The change in my behavior.
Just friends
The subtle curiosity kills me.
I want to hold your hand
But I don't want things to be awkward.
Just friends
I act as if I'm not jealous of your girls
And you act as if I do not know.
Just friends
When you know the most intimate details to my life
I can't be completely honest with you
Even if it stayed between us.
Just friends
I become shy again
Like a school girl
And I love the naughty irony of it.
All my dirty little secrets
I want you to be one of them.
Just friends
I want to fuck
Friends screw sometimes, right?
I heard you eat pussy too.
Just friends
I can't tell if you know
what everyone else knows
And I'm not sure if I want you to.
Just friends
Because exceeding that might mean
Losing you in every way possible
Just like with my last guy.
Just friends
And I keep my mouth shut
And pretend like I haven't dreamt
Of knowing you sensually,
Just friends
When I see you after he leaves
And I pretend like I didn't imagine you on me
In me
Asking me where to cum
Asking me, "You like that?"
Just friends
You can't blame me for wondering
what you would feel like
Inside of me.
You can't blame me
for wanting to know.
Just friends
But we'll leave it at this.
And wonder
When my cat will slip out of its metaphoric bag
And onto your throbbing length
In satisfaction of knowing
this type of intimacy
Yet again.
Just friends.

Just friends.

'Just friends'.