Hi! I'm SunflowerFace, who's an absolute clueless maniac and loves reading! This is a story that I worked on in 6th grade, and it's my first story ever posted! Please enjoy and leave a suggestion~

Some of the most boring and depressing days of my life were my time spent as a Wish-Granter. It was lonely, having a messy office and a grouch of a cat who leaves hairballs under the couch. Anyways, Wish-Granters pretty much live under a wishing well and grant wishes. I'm located in Merrytown, and that's basically where I've grown up and lived my whole life. I've not been one to travel much, so my knowledge of the world stops right at the underground borders of the MGS, the Merrytown Gnome System. That's right; I'm a gnome. And yes, we spend most of our lives underground. Those fat little Santa clauses that you call gnomes don't even remotely resemble us. We've got squat and stubby bodies, yes, but apart from that, we look just as different and unique as you humans up there. My curly brown hair and eyes are a pretty common sight among the MGS, but I've heard of some really crazy looks out there.

Life here is pretty boring. Everyone takes up a job at age 18, and sticks with it the rest of their lives, with is about 60 years. For as long as I can remember, no one in my family's ever been a Wish-Granter and boy, do I wish the job was as exciting as it sounded. You mainly just sit in your office (which doubles as a permanent home), and wait for a human passerby to drop a coin (and a wish!) down into the fountain which you're located under, and make it your mission to grant it. Since Merrytown is a pretty small and quiet village, I don't get much work to do. In one day, if it's a good one, I'll grant one or two wishes, try and play with Cherry, but end up giving her extremely long belly rubs, and maybe take a walk around MGS. Still, Wish-Granters shouldn't leave the office to much, in case of wishes coming down while you've been away. Wishes coming down? That's so rare it's almost a lie.

After one particularly boring and rainy day, I decided to take a walk around MGS. The cramped, polished wooden streets aren't exactly what you would call easy to sneak around in. If anyone were out walking, they would quickly see me, as the MGS was mainly made of suspended walkways, with nowhere to hide. It didn't help that the wooden boards were extremely creaky as well. The usually bustling town was quiet at night, and the colorful houses seemed dull without light. I needed a serious break from all the fungi and ivy. Walking a little faster now, I exited through an opening which doubled as a patch of fake grass. The fresh night air of upper Merrytown (A.K.A where you humans live) was refreshing, the stars twinkled and smiled down at me, and the moon shone brightly in the dark sky. I glowered back up at them. Walking back to my fountain (which was in the center of the village), I caught sight of the vibrant cherry blossoms swaying in the wind, and the many flowerbeds surrounding me. What annoyed me was that I had to turn my face almost completely upwards to see the tops of the trees. I hated the feeling of being short, but at least it was only in upper Merrytown. I harrumphed and tried to block out the scents and sights… but maybe it was just to help myself feel better about my height. I looked up and the sky and was frightened as a raindrop landed in my eye. I shivered, and let out a long sigh.

My bare feet were soothed by the cold, smooth stones that paved a path around the fountain. Stretching, I pulled out today's salary from my pocket- a single penny, with a wish for fame. Letting out a quiet but impatient grumble, I swung my arms with the penny in my fist. As I neared the fountain, I took in its smooth edges and carved marble. Sitting on the side of the basin, I dangled my feet in the cold water. I looked at the penny again. The face of the president was hard to distinguish in the dark surroundings. What was their name again? George Washington? Donald Trump? Wait… Rosa Parks. Yeah, Rosa Parks. That's what it was.

I looked into my reflection in the water. It was undisturbed, a complete image with no ripples. My feet didn't move. I sighed again. I realized how depressed I was. With nothing to look forward to for the next day, no support from friends or family, I realized that I had a wish of my own. And although the Wish-Granter manual warned me not to, although a terrible fate would await me, although a horrible monster would probably eat me alive, I threw the penny in the water of my fountain. A knot twisted in my stomach. God, I was so stupid! What was I thinking? Oh no, I'm gonna die now! I tugged at my hair, which was hard, since it was so short, and a shiver went down my spine. Then a metal object was whizzing for my forehead. I fell backward, onto the stones. My head was spinning, and I heard the penny roll down the path, out of reach. I shook my head, and the pulsing vibrations disappeared. No! My salary! I chased after the penny, my feet slapping the large stones, stinging with every leap. The cheerful cottages were a blur as I raced past.

I knew I was in a whole different town when the stones turned to fertile soil. I was no longer running on a paved road; I was running on an earthy ground, mixed with white fertilizing beads. I assumed it was Teetaville, a nearby farming town I had only heard of. They were known for their farmers and their famous Teetaville pineapples, but undoubtedly their poverty. The rain had turned into a steady drizzle by the time I caught sight of the metallic glimmer of the penny. I pushed myself faster, a stitch growing in my side already. Complaining under my breath, I lost view of the penny, but instead, caught sight of an old looking fountain sitting in the middle of a field of tall, itchy grass. It looked lonely, with its chipping paint and dust. I saw the penny resting at the base of the fountain. I scooped it up, and started to turn back and walk away when a bubble of anger and frustration rose in me. How dare this penny bring me to such a shabby old well? How dare it waste my time like this? I spun around and threw the penny as far as I could, which wasn't too far, considering I had super stubby arms. I heard a plink as the penny landed in the well water. I started to storm off, before a voice too high to match the thudding footsteps called out. "WAIT!"

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