So, I'm Mary Virginia. It was the afternoon, and I was out in my backyard one day throwing the football around with my little brother Martin. Our neighbors, the Mirepavs (composed of father Norris, mother Bela, and daughter Lilly) lived in the house next door to ours. Their house was bigger than the small neighborhood houses surrounding ours. Norris was going away for a few hours to go see a movie, so the only person I really had by my side was my brother, since my parents were too busy watching the news, smoking cigarettes, and pacing around to actually have fun.

This afternoon, Martin requested me to throw the ball as high as I can. He wanted it to go higher than the Mirepav's tall house. I wind up my arm, and threw the ball with all my might… right into the highest window of the Mirepav house. Martin panicked, not wanting to face responsibility at such a young age (he should have seen what I've done at his age). I told him to not worry and that I would get the ball back before the Mirepavs get home.

Despite telling Martin not to worry, I was worried. I had never been inside the house, despite being friends with Lilly. The family never invited me in, like I was some kind of pariah or something. As expected, all the doors were locked. I instead, decided to sneak in through a window. However, the windows were a bit too high; I couldn't even jump to grab the edge it was so high up. I looked around for a stepping stool. Wanting to keep track of time, I started eyeing my wristwatch. The movie the Norris was seeing was about 90 minutes, so I still had some time left to break in. I searched and searched the area for something to step on, until I found a small crate. I put the crate under the window and stood on it, but I still couldn't make it up there. It wasn't until I heard a snapping noise when I panicked and jumped up and grabbed the edge of the window, pulling myself up into the living room.

The living room wasn't what I expected. It was dark; no lights, no nothing. Odd, since I could have sworn Lily and Bela were supposed to still be here. In fact, they didn't even hear me break in to their house. But anyway, I shouldn't have been looking around; I still had to find my football. I went upstairs via the creepily spiraling staircase that never seemed to end. When I got to the top, I headed down the seemingly never-ending hallway until I decided to take the door to my right. To my luck, the door contained nothing but my football. No chairs, beds, desks, wardrobes, nothing. I didn't know what to do about the broken window though, so I thought of saying that a bird flew into it and hopefully they would believe me. I walked up to the football, picked it up, and turned the other way.

However, when I closed the door behind me, I couldn't help but hear some mumbling and moaning in the door to the left. Curious (and because there were no other doors besides these two), I opened it. When I got inside, I dropped my football, along with my jaw. What I saw caused my blood to rush, and my knees to shake. In the room were corpses, female ones. They were stuck to the walls, looking like their blood was drained from their bodies. They were all naked and pale. There had to have been eight of them. The moaning noise I heard was right next to me, coming from the left. I turned my head to see Bela and Lily. They looked like they were on death's door, with bite marks on their necks.

"Please. Leave." Lily said to me. I was greatly confused.

"Norris. Vampire. These. Brides. Failed ones. Leave. Before he. Shows up."

I fumbled to pick up my football, exited the room, and slammed the door shut. I was panting, pressed against the closed door wanting to believe that what I saw was just a figment of my tired imagination. I looked around see the hall looking like a normal hallway. When I took my first step, I heard the sound of a car rolling up. I froze, and ran to a window. I saw Norris pulling in to the garage. If that creature saw me, I would have been the end of me. I couldn't jump out the window because I had the common sense to know that the fall would kill me. Looking around, I saw a laundry shoot conveniently next to the bride room. I crawled into the shoot and let it carry me to the bottom.

It felt like an eternity going down that shoot. When I reached the bathroom at the bottom floor (the soft, large pile of white dresses broke my fall), I snuck out to the living room find Norris watching TV. Norris watched his HBO boxing match while he cracked open a bottle of beer with just his now sharp, pointy thumb. I crept my way through the room to the window I used to get in. When I got into view of the window, I found that Norris already closed it. I couldn't believe it; I knew that I could have opened it again, but that would have made too much noise. My mind racing through possible escape ideas, I almost didn't see Norris get up out of his chair. Panicked, I hid behind a desk near the window.

When Norris entered the bathroom, I decided that now was the time to get out. I tried to open the window, only to find that it wouldn't open, and there weren't even any locks on it. I pushed as hard as I can, but it wouldn't open. Thinking of more options, I failed to notice the sound of footsteps behind me.

"What do we have here?!" shouted a voice. I turned around to find Norris, slouched over in a fancy red robe. "Mary, have you been infiltrating my home?" After he said that, he started growling, he started getting ticked off, his voice slowly becoming more distorted, his personality becoming more insane, and his mannerisms becoming more animalistic. "You KNOW I don't allow people in my HOME!" Fangs started protruding from his mouth. "I do what I ALWAYS do to strangers, especially ones of your kind and APPEARANCE!" He lunged at me, but I dodged him by running. I ran to the nearest door, opened it, and immediately shut it, locking it.

"MARY! Come out, it's Mr. NORRIS!" he said as he banged on the door. The door led me to the basement, where it was so dark, I could barely see anything resembling an exit. I thought I was trapped, that is until I saw a small, closed window that was a little high up. I thought up an escape plan that was a little over-the-top, but was better than nothing. I wanted to throw the football and have it break through the cracked window and jump my way through it by using the boxes below it as a stepping stool. I aimed for the window, sweat dripping down my face.

Norris started screaming and clawing his way through the door. I had to get the shot just right, but he was interrupting my concentration. I took a deep breath, aligned the football with my target, and threw the ball. Direct hit. The window shattered.

Before I can celebrate my perfect throw, the doors behind me smashed open, revealing Norris. "FOUND YOU!" I hightailed it. I jumped on the boxes, leapt up to the window, and grabbed the bottom of it. But then, instantly, Norris grabbed my leg, and started pulling on it. "You WILL be my new BRIDE! COME on. Daddy needs a new LITTLE GIRL!" Fangs ready, Norris opened wide and bit my ankle. I screamed; the pain was excruciating. I kicked Norris' head as hard as I could with my free leg and crawled my way out.

When I got outside, I found the sun to be setting, yet Norris didn't jump out to get me. It was as if he never existed, though I still have the bite marks on my ankle as you can see right here. I could have stood there for the rest of the day figuring out what happened, but I decided to rush back home and give the ball to Martin. I wanted to come to your place to tell you the story, since I didn't feel like scarring Martin for life. Thanks for hearing my story. Oh yeah, about the bite, I don't know anything about its effects. Nothing's really happe- Hey, you look pretty tasty. Would you like to join us? Master Norris is getting hungry.