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In my universe "Glitches", anyone with powers (aka a mutant) is considered a "glitch" because their powers manifest due to a "glitch in their DNA." **

Contains mild sexualization of a minor and F/F seduction.

Rated T for mild sexually suggestive themes


Noelle shoved Willow into their dorm room and slammed the door behind them.

"What the hell?" Willow spun with the momentum of the shove and righted herself a few feet from her roommate.

"What do you think you were doing out there?" Noelle stood sentry at their door. Her arms crossed across her chest. She stared Willow down like a mother reprimanding her child. The fact that she was three inches taller, and two years older, than her fifteen-year-old roommate helped her keep an air of authority.

Even though Noelle had lived in the United States for roughly a decade, she still stubbornly held onto her London accent. It was the only real bit of home that she held on to. It reminded her of her mother.

"Me? You were the one who dragged me up here and are now keeping me hostage in my own room! What the hell, Penny?" Willow clenched her fists stiffly at her sides. She pouted as she purposely looked everywhere but at Noelle.

"You didn't answer the question."

"Well, neither did you. What the hell did I even do wrong?"

"I don't want you talking to Devon."

Willow's aquamarine eyes widened. She stared stunned at Noelle for a beat before her eyes glitted with mischief and a smirk slid across her lips.

"So that's what this is about? Devon? Geez, Penny. You had me worried. Dragging me up here like that. You made me think we were in danger, or that I did something horrid."

"You nearly did." Noelle turned her head from Willow, opting to glance at nothing just past her shoulder.

"Because I talked to Devon," Willow sarcastically replied. Her lopsided bob wasn't long enough to reach her shoulders, but she brushed the right side back anyway as she flopped onto her bed. She crossed her legs and swung the top one with pent up energy.

"You shouldn't be talking to that boy." Noelle didn't bother looking at Willow. She talked towards the closet on the other side of the room instead.

"Why? Because he's not you?" Willow snorted a laugh before leaning back onto her elbows; inspecting the nails on her right hand. She had done them in a French manicure styling: cobalt blue nails with silver tips; nearly reverse of her hair.

Noelle stiffed at the accusation. The room dimmed as she let the curtain of bone-straight black locks drift off her shoulders and into her face. She skulked over to Willow, looming over her and projecting importance in her concern.

"No. You shouldn't be talking to him because he's a criminal. He's been in and out of juvie most of his teen years."

"So what? Both my dad and the headmistress' husband are ex-cons." Willow scrunched up her face as it became harder to see her nails in the lighting. She rolled her head back to look at the window on the other side of the bed. The sun was front and center with barely any clouds, yet the dorm room was draped in twilight. Willow slid over on her bed so there would be space for Noelle before sitting back up. "Look, Penny, he was living on the streets-"

"Because he's a runaway. As far as anyone is concerned, he didn't even check to see how the nuns would react to him being a Glitch. He just assumed it meant he didn't need to be in their stuffy care anymore and left. It was his own fault due to his own arrogance and lack of gratitude. He gets no sympathy from me about that." Ignoring the space Willow made for her, Noelle sat down on her own bed, her back firm in perfect posture.

"Fine. Whatever. So it was his own fault that he was on the streets. Point is, once out there I'm sure he only did what he needed to survive."

"You don't know that."

"Well, neither do you. You know life as a Glitch is no picnic." Willow again glanced out at the sun. She sighed as she kicked her legs over her head, backflipping off her bed. She walked over to the window, raised the pane, and inhaled the blinding brightness.

Noelle briefly blushed and losened her posture for half a heartbeat before regaining herself. The dimness of the room drained away, welcoming the warm light of the sun pounding through the window. She walked over to Willow and placed a hand on the girl's shoulder.

"My point is that he was recruited from a detention center. He never once learned his lesson, and he doesn't seem grateful for the fact that he passed for human. Who knows what would have happened if they knew he was a Glitch? He'd probably never be released for one thing, if he didn't 'mysteriously' go missing while incarcerated, that is."

"Yeah, well, no one found out he's a Glitch, he's fine, and he was recruited. Meaning the headmistress thinks there's something of value in him. Why are you such a hardass?" Willow brushed Noelle's hand off her shoulder. She held her arms out to her sides and let herself fall back onto her bed with a little bounce.

"Fine, it's not just the juvie record, Willow. I just don't like his attitude. He's cocky, arrogant, and surprisingly entitled for an orphan who doesn't know who his parents are and who opted to live on the streets. You said it yourself: life as a Glitch is no picnic. Yet he's strutting around like it's an ant-free buffet."

Willow laughed. "Oh my god, you are so jealous!"

"Am not!"

"You are! You totally are! Devon's a bit overly cocky, sure, and it's fun taking him down a peg or two to keep him grounded, but you are taking it way too seriously. You're just jealous that I'm paying attention to anyone besides you."

"Don't be stupid. I'm not that petty."

Willow bounced up onto her knees and crawled to the edge of her bed. Silver-furred cat ears appeared on the top of her head, and a matching tail formed off her jean shorts. The tail twitched as Willow grinned at her roommate.

"Oh, what are you doing? Knock it off." Noelle closed the window again and lowered the blinds, trying to ignore Willow.

"Awww, Penny," Willow purred, "you don't have to be jealous. You'll never lose me."

"I said to knock it off."

"I think I know how to make you feel better." The cat ears and tail disappeared. Willow's shorts and white tank top faded into a blue and white striped bikini. She giggled, and it echoed as two copies of her formed; one on each side of her.

"Willow, enough."

The two copies slinked off the bed and giggled as they sauntered over to Noelle. She pulled herself as tight and straight as she could, staring Willow down and trying to ignore the copies coming towards her.

"Come on, Penny," the left copy cooed.

"We know you like this," the right copy finished.

"Willow. Now." Noelle spat through clenched teeth.

"Just go with it, Pen," Willow smirked as she lounged on her side across the bed. "Let yourself have fun for once."

"Don't you want us?" The left copy cooed again. The right copy started stroking Noelle's hair.

Noelle motioned to bat them away, but stopped with a simple twitch. She clenched her hands into tight fists at her sides. Her long nails poking into her palms.

"Willow. I am counting to ten." The room darkened again as Noelle started slowly counting in sharp breaths. Long shadowy tendrils snaked their way up the wall behind her.

"Penny, come on. Just have some fun." Willow tried to keep a playful tone in her voice, but more fear dripped from her words than she intended.

The copies stroked Noelle's arms and tried to have her take their hands.

"Just relax," one whispered. "Enjoy this," the other purred.

"Four. Five." The tendrils took on thickness as they wrapped protectively around Noelle and then stretched out towards Willow.

"Penumbra, knock it off." Willow rolled off her bed, using it as a barrier between her and Noelle. Her eyes stayed fixed on the tangible shadows reaching out for her.

The two copies backed away from Noelle, but kept calling out to her to try to calm her down.

"Eight. Nine."

"Okay! Stop! Penumbra, stop!" Willow jumped up from her hiding spot. Her white tank top and jean shorts were back on. Her copies vanished from either side of Noelle.

Just as quickly, the shadow tendrils curled back to the walls, flattening again against the surface, and faded into Noelle's natural shadow. The light returned to the room.

"Jesus, Penny, what the hell?" Willow panted as she focused on getting her breathing back under control.

"I warned you to stop." Noelle coldly replied, also struggling to bring her breath to normal.

"You weren't really going to do anything, were you?"

Noelle simply turned her head from Willow.

"That's it. I'm getting you some chocolate for the PMS or whatever's going on." Willow slid over her bed and cautiously walked over to Noelle. "I thought you'd like that. You're not exactly subtle about your crush on me."

"It's not a crush." Noelle brushed past Willow and sat on the far end of her own bed.

"Yeah, sure, okay. So what was up? I came on too strong?"

"You don't like me. Not like that."

"Meh. It was going to be all in good fun. You know me. I'm just here to make people happy." Willow shrugged and smirked.

"No." Noelle kept her back towards Willow. "You're here to have a good time by riling up others. Or, you know, get their blood pumping other ways."

"I'm a giver by nature." Willow playfully bowed even though Noelle couldn't see the gesture. "Your pleasure is also mine."

"Yeah, well cut it out." Noelle whipped around and glared at Willow. "If you want to mess with other people's heads, that's fine. But not mine. Never mine!"

"Oh, come on, Penny-"

"No! I thought we were close enough for you to leave me alone. Your damn pleasure is not the same as your goddamn love. I know you're not into me, not really, not the way I want. I don't need you leading me on foolishly, and I thought you cared enough for me to know better."

"Geez. Noelle, I- I'm so sorry. You know I don't mean to hurt you, right? I was just playing."

"Yeah, well, don't."

"Yeah, okay. Sorry." Willow gingerly walked over to Noelle and held out her arms. "Hug? Strictly non-illusionary, platonic, best friends and roomates hug?"

Noelle blushed and stood up to welcome being wrapped in Willow's arms. She hugged her back. Lightly. Tenderly. Cautiously.

"Can I at least mess with Devon, though? I think someone so cocky would be a hoot to play with." Willow gave a toothy grin, and was promptly shoved onto her bed.

Noelle stood beside her own bed and laughed. "You're a bitch. You know that?"

"Proudly." Willow promptly dodged Noelle's pillow.

**A/N: Similar to the Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters, the as-of-yet-unnamed school these students attend is sort of a boarding school/half-way house. So it's very common that students of differing ages but similar age groups are roomed together.

If it is unclear, Noelle, AKA Penumbra, has the power to manipulate shadows and make them tangible, whereas Willow, AKA The Wisp, has the power to create full-sensory illusions. It's not discussed at all, but Devon has the ability to manipulate existing fire as well as shape-shift.

"Glitches" is based on a role-play game. Penumbra and Devon remain the intellectual properties of their respective players/creators. Willow is my OC, first fashioned by my husband (who came up with the X-Men-quality pun with her name/codename).**